Author: Jake Rocheleau


28 Powerful Open Source CSS Frameworks & Libraries

Web Developers who work smart are often building on top of pre-existing frameworks. Open source CSS libraries are not hard to find – including many of the newer CSS3 effects. When structuring an HTML page you’ll rely on CSS as the language of color, position, structure, and other components of the final layout.


Forge Conference 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the largest digital conferences will appear again in 2015 hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Forge Conference runs for a single day on October 9th with an incredible line-up of speakers. This isn’t your typical design or development event – it’s made for anyone who wants to create digital experiences. The speakers list includes Nickey […]


Free Webfont Testing for your Web Projects

With hundreds of web fonts available for free use, designers are constantly searching around for the best option. Comparison shopping is easy when the price is free! Web design is largely based on typography and the typeface plays a big role. So how can you tell when individual typefaces look good together? Is there any […]


New Version Control Tool for Designers

Web developers and programmers have been using version control for years. Git and Subversion are two major projects with the former leading to its own community But what about designers? People who craft pixel-perfect mockups would love to have some version control as well. This is technically possible via Git but it’s rather convoluted. […]


Google Maps App released for Apple Watch

Just recently Google announced a brand new application for the Apple Watch – Google Maps for watchOS. This is meant to bring directions and location search right to your Apple Watch. TechCrunch wrote about this release: Through an update to the Google Maps iOS app on the iTunes App Store, Google has quietly rolled out […]