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AngJobs is an open source Gmail-Style Job Board

Digital jobs span the gamut of in-house to part-time gigs and freelance/remote projects. Many opportunities are out there for designers and developers if you know where to look. Among the handful of job boards already online, a newcomer named AngJobs recently popped onto the scene. The site is rather unique as it features a very […]


GitHub Comments can now include File Attachments

A brand new update to GitHub allows all comments to include much more than just images. GitHub users have always been able to attach images to their comments in pull requests or support issue threads. Just recently GitHub put out a new feature that allows posters to attach files with their comments. Currently the supported […]


PHP North West 2015 Conference opens in Manchester

A fun three-day PHP event opens up the first weekend of October in Manchester, England. This is none other than PHP North West 2015 and it’s bound to be an incredible experience for anyone interested in PHP. Over a dozens speakers are scheduled to attend talking about various subjects including PHP techniques, new frameworks, and […]


ArrrrCamp for Ruby Devs hits Belgium in October 2015

Rails development is perhaps one of the best choices for building modern web applications. PHP is still a widely-accepted choice powering frameworks like WordPress – but Rails has grown into its own community with so much support and plenty of groundbreaking tools. ArrrrCamp is a conference made specifically for Ruby programmers and Rails developers. In […]


Twitter will release new High-Contrast Social Buttons

Every major social media website uses some type of sharing button. Facebook has their like/share buttons, Pinterest has re-pin buttons, and Twitter has follow/retweet buttons. A recent forum post on Twitter’s official community announced that Twitter will be released brand new redesigned buttons sometime around October/November. The release is expected to include a higher contrast […]


Apple Beta 2 versions of Xcode 7.1, iOS 9.1 and tvOS

If you’re a mobile developer with a focus on Apple devices then today is a big news day. It seems Apple has finally put out beta 2 versions of both iOS 9.1 and tvOS for development testing. There have been some changes since the original beta releases but most of the foundational code remains. This […]