How & When to Build Website Content using Tables

By / Sep 18, 2012 / Tips

Back in time over a decade ago, web development was still living through its infancy. Developers would commonly build website layouts constructed with HTML4 tables, and this was standard practice most of the time. When CSS finally grew into popularity precedents began to change. It was now easier for developers to use div elements and…


21 Beautiful Examples of Dark Colors in Web Design

By / Sep 17, 2012 / Inspiration

Last week we showed you some good examples of White Usage in Web Design, and today, to go the opposite direction, we decided to gather some examples of dark colors in web design. Deciding when to go dark can be tricky, but the decision should always be about enhancing the content and the user experience….


New from DealPixel: Create Professional jQuery Image Galleries with TN3 Gallery

By / Sep 13, 2012 / News

Here’s the latest deal from DealPixel, Create Professional jQuery Image Galleries For Your Website with TN3 Gallery, a deal that offers you one of the most full featured jQuery image gallery scripts on the planet, TN3 Gallery for only $37. That is a 45% discount!


Inspiration: 6 Visual Identity Projects

By / Sep 12, 2012 / Inspiration

Visual identity is the “persona” of a company and creating one is a very changeling process. A designer must research and find the right inspiration to deliver an identity that will really represent a companies personality and philosophy. Today we will show you some nice images of different visual identity projects we found on Behance….


8 Useful Responsive CSS Frameworks

By / Sep 11, 2012 / Tools

Responsive web design continues to become more widely practiced. Because of that, as web developers and designers, we have more tools and resources that make it easier for us to create responsive web sites. So for today, we gathered 8 CSS Frameworks that will help you do just that. As you know, we never get…


23 Great Examples of White Usage in Web Design

By / Sep 10, 2012 / Inspiration

There has always been much debate on whether white is really a color. Someone who works with inks and pigments might argue that white is the absence of all color. While someone taking a more scientific approach would tell you that white has to be a color since it is the blending of all colors…


DealPixel: 1,500 Amazing Vector Icons

By / Sep 7, 2012 / News

The latest deal from DealPixel, 1,500 Amazing Vector Icons is filled with new and amazing icons to spice up your projects. The pack presents 1,500 amazing vectors in several formats and sizes. And you can get it now for only $27. That is a 57% discount!


Design Research Tactic: Persona Creation

By / Sep 6, 2012 / Tips

The first step of the design process for every designer should be research. The research process is especially important for website and user-interface design, although it is often overlooked. This may be due to time constraints, bosses or clients who are ignorant of the design process or think it is unimportant, or it could be…


21 Beautifully Designed E-commerce Sites

By / Sep 4, 2012 / Inspiration

E-commerce websites are all over the internet. From ice cream to designer products, from your day to day grocery to hand made jewelry and almost anything you can think of, there is a website selling what you need online. Too bad that a lot of e-commerce websites don’t worry much with usability and user experience….


Shapes, Colors, Textures and Type: Things we can learn from well designed Packages

By / Aug 30, 2012 / Inspiration

Packages, when well designed, are a great source of inspiration. If you stop to analyze details such as shapes, colors, textures and typography, you will notice that package design is an art and we can certainly learn something from them. Today we gathered 23 examples of beautiful and clean package designs to show you that…