23 Inspiring Typographic Logos

By / Aug 10, 2011 / Inspiration

A logo is the graphic representation of a company, it’s the company’s face, is the way people will relate to it, recognize it. Since here at WDL we love logos and typography, today we decided to gather a list of typographic logos to inspire you. The logos are clean, simple and really beautiful, and they…


Only 1 Day Left to Grab the Minimal WordPress Theme Bundle

By / Aug 9, 2011 / News

There’s only one day left to grab the minimal WordPress theme bundle from Theme Trust. It includes: Clarity, Filtered, and Pure – all for only $59! That’s an unbelievable deal. So explore the bundle , check out the features, and try the demos. But make sure to use the “Add to Cart” button on the…


14 Fresh Free Icon Sets

By / Aug 9, 2011 / Freebies

Here at WDL we really like to keep you posted on the best resources available out there, and of course we are also talking about freebies! Today we decided to gather 14 fresh icon sets for your designs, so check it out. Click on the images to be redirected to the website where you can…


22 Inspiring Examples of Contact Forms and Pages

By / Aug 8, 2011 / Inspiration

Contact forms or contact pages – depending on how you choose to make it available – are an important part of a website. The contact section is actually the part where you allow your users/clients to get in touch with you, to reach you and to hire you. For this article, we gathered some examples…


30 Wonderful Examples of Seascape Photography

By / Aug 5, 2011 / Inspiration

Photography can be a great source of inspiration for any kind of artist, and this is never more true when the subject matter is nature. Lots of colors, amazing natural objects and perfect compositions can provide plenty of inspiration. So for this collection, the focus is on the sea. Here you’ll find a showcase of…


WDL Premium: Classic Web Ribbons Set

By / Aug 4, 2011 / Expired Premium

This week for our WDL Premium Members, we have a set classic web ribbons from Vandelay Premier. Ribbons are highly useful resources for web design. In this set there are 20 different styles of ribbons in 7 different colors.


10 New Free Fonts for Your Delight

By / Aug 3, 2011 / Freebies

As you may know, one of our responsibilities here at WDL is to keep you up to date with all the possible resources available… especially when it comes to free fonts! So for this post we gathered 10 new free fonts that will help you give a fresh look to your designs – so check…


Minimal WordPress Theme Bundle from Theme Trust

By / Aug 2, 2011 / News

Since the last bundle we put together for you was such a hit, we decided to do another. This time we’ve packed up three of our most popular minimal themes. It includes: Clarity, Filtered, and Pure – all for only $59! That’s an unbelievable deal. So explore the bundle , check out the features, and…


22 Examples of Fixed Position Navigation in Web Design

By / Aug 1, 2011 / Inspiration

Navigation might be the most important aspect of a website. It allows users to move from page to page and to find the content we want them to see. So having a navigation that is unique and always in the same position can be a huge plus. For this article, we gathered a few examples…


Inspiration: Black and White Photography

By / Jul 29, 2011 / Inspiration

Friday is a good day to take some time to see inspiring photographs, and that is why we decided to gather a few black and white images today, to help you close the week with a nice dose of inspiration. In my opinion, black and white photography capture scenes in an almost magical way… without…