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CocoaLove 2015 opens in Philadelphia on October 9th

Apple tries to make their development process as simple as possible and Cocoa is a major part of that process. Cocoa is an API for common programming techniques used in Mac OS X applications. A similar library named Cocoa Touch is the API for touch-based iOS devices. Both Cocoa APIs play a vital role in […]


A Peek at ‘San Francisco’, Apple’s Newest iOS 9 Font

Along with the many new features and device updates for iPhone 6S and iOS 9, another change has recently been seen in action. The new in-house font San Francisco will be part of Apple’s newest OS’ by default. This San Francisco font will replace the long-standing Helvetica family. This offers a big change from the […]


Iconsfeed: A Sleek iOS Icon Design Gallery

Designers often search for examples of other products or designs to examine trends that might help to influence their own work. This is especially true of icon design which can be a tricky subject when you consider all the variant screen sizes & retina dispalys. Apple’s iOS platform runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad […]


CocoaConf Autumn Tour hits Boston & San Jose

Whether you’re a UI designer, Objective-C programmer, icon designer or user experience prodigy, CocoaConf is the hottest event for OS X & iOS app development. The CocoaConf staff tours all around the country setting up speakers and training sessions for all areas of app development for Apple products. This fall you can expect at least […]


New Mockup.io version includes iPad Pro frame & Android App Icon Preview

For those unfamiliar with Mockup.io, it’s a visualization tool for showcasing how an application will look in a realistic frame. It’s specifically geared towards teams working collaboratively on mobile applications for iPhone & Android. Just recently the Mockup.io team released a new version with a couple handy features. One is the additional frame for iPad […]


China iPhone Market Grows 75% Year-over-Year

Apple’s recent San Francisco event contained a whole lot of ravishing information for tech enthusiasts. But for business and marketing people, one fact mentioned by Tim Cook should stand out even more: China’s iPhone market has grown by 75% year-over-year. This figure includes all of the Chinese mainland(including Hong Kong) along with Taiwan. Looking back […]