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CodePen Radio talks intricacies of the Web Development Business

The online cloud IDE platform CodePen has become a popular tool amongst frontend developers. It was co-founded by Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat a few years ago as a way to offer real-time updates on a web platform. With its tremendous success the three have created a podcast under the name CodePen Radio….


3 Things Everything Freelance Design Contract Must Have

If you’re freelancing then you need a contract, full stop.  If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, take that. But read on to learn the basics of what each contract should include and why. Freelancing without a contract is surprisingly common for new and experienced freelancers alike.  Whether you don’t know…


The Pros And Cons Of Building A Mobile App for your Business

As more and more people embrace the smartphone age, the number of consumers online continue to multiply each day. Unlike their counterparts on desktops and laptops, the average smartphone user has gradually bid farewell to the traditional browser. They now favour mobile apps.


The Illusion of Life: Animation for UI/UX Design

A few old men working for Walt Disney back in the early 20th century came up with a dozen working properties for lifelike animation. These “12 principles of animation” have lasted for decades and continue to hold a major influence over the animation industry. It’s only in recent years that we’ve seen animation play a…


Planning Market Research for New Website Launches

Launching a new startup or website idea can take a lot of effort. But most people gloss over the process of researching other competition within your market. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it does take some time and effort digging around in search engines.


Why the Info on your Invoice Impacts How Fast Clients Pay

While the actual task of invoicing clients is not likely something you look forward to, certainly the flip side of invoicing – all of those receivable dollars – can be seen as cause for celebration. There are few things more satisfying to the bootstrapping entrepreneur than checking your online bank account and seeing your balance…


Don Clark of Invisible Creature shares his thoughts on Design

In an old converted barn just outside of Seattle you’ll find Invisible Creature, a graphic design studio run by Don and Ryan Clark. They’re brothers who produce fantastic artwork, illustrations, and all forms of design from interfaces to print & product design. Tim Kellner is a filmmaker who took the time to meet up with…

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