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There’s a lot of great info to glean from the users of Reddit. Unfortunately it’s not always the best site to have up on your monitor when your boss or supervisor traipses by on patrol. But now thanks to Jason Botello we have a somewhat clandestine opportunity to sneak by undetected: Reddit Shell. This free…


Digital color pickers are widely used by designers and developers to craft pixel-perfect interfaces. Most of the time these color pickers are utilized from programs like Sketch or Photoshop. But recently I found a handy little webapp by the name of HTML Color Codes. It’s a completely free website made by Dixon & Moe showcasing…


Newer online tools & webapps allow developers to create rapid websites without manually writing each individual line of code. Frontend development is one area that has seen a lot of growth in the way of frameworks & code libraries.


It’s no secret that Sketch App by Bohemian Coding has been battling head-to-head with Adobe’s Photoshop to be the ultimate design tool for creating user interfaces and website mockups. In fact, there are now more Sketch resources on Creative Market than Photoshop resources! Just take a look at these stunning UI kits for Sketch App…


The process of gathering user input has become an expected part of web design. But trends have advanced further with the expectation of snappy interface features. Examples are the little JavaScript hints added onto forms. These are used to increase readability and create a more straightforward interaction.