June 20, 2024

20 Business Consulting WordPress Themes for 2016

The beginning of the New Year is the best time for new achievements. That’s why we have decided to share a handpicked compilation of 20 ready-made WordPress themes for consulting companies, businesses and financial organizations, which will make it so much easier to get your project live on the Internet. All running on a fully responsive framework, these premium and free solutions can adapt flawlessly to any screen size and resolution on which they are being viewed. Gone are the times when you need to create a separate mobile version of your website. Now all this and much more can be done thanks to the implementation of smart web technologies, most of which were integrated into the following 20 themes.

So, please welcome the compilation of free and premium Business Consulting WordPress Themes and enjoy your read!

Premium Consulting WordPress Themes

1. FAA

1 business wordpress theme

FAA is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded WordPress themes for consulting and financial agencies from TemplateMonster. The template comes loaded with everything that you will need to make your business look professional. The header was made more appealing and captivating with the help of the full-width video featuring parallax scrolling effect. In order to let your audience focus primarily on the content, the design was made simple and minimalist. In terms of the content positioning, the theme’s developers made use of a grid-based structure. Cherry Framework 3.1.5, which is at the core of the theme, makes it a pleasure to install and customize.
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2.Financial Bureau

2 consulting wordpress theme
Financial Bureau looks sleek and stylish. Its layout is all focused on the effective presentation of your offerings to the online audience. Just like the previous theme, the header of this template was enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect. To make your site more functional and interactive, banners and thumbnails have been enhanced with the hover effect. Lazy load effect was integrated in order to ensure fast loading speeds of any content heavy web resources. Neat icons and featured content were organized in a grid-based list.
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3. Financial Advisor

3 business wp theme
Financial Advisor was developed specifically for business related websites. Running on the latest Cherry Framework 4, the theme is proud to have a fully responsive, customizable layout, which looks sharp on any screen size. MotoPress Content Editor was also included in the pack in order to guarantee quick and seamless modification of the layout. The theme comes with audio and video integration. Video background support will make your official web page more captivating.
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4. PROvise

4 business wordpress template
PROvise is SEO-friendly and a fully responsive template running on Cherry Framework 3. The layout features a neutral color scheme of light blue and white colors, which are known as the best choice for business websites that want to appeal to a wide audience. The clean design of the template has been enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect, which is intended to add the feeling of depth to the page. For quicker and seamless modification, the pack includes several pre-designed pages, a detailed documentation folder, sliced PSD files, widgets support, and so much more.
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5.Consulting Co

5 wp theme
Consulting Co was made information heavy, yet functional. When visiting the front page of a site built with its help, the users will be introduced to the whole array of services that your company offers, a quick but detailed overview of your company’s biggest priorities, a list of your staff, and so much more. In order to make it easier for your visitors to reach your physical location, the theme has been integrated with Google map. In order to look more trustworthy in the eyes of your online audience, a list of partners was added to the front page of the template. If you wish to tweak the design or content positioning, this can easily be achieved via the fully featured admin panel.
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6. Sandman

6 business wp template
Sandman is a user-friendly and easy to navigate WordPress theme. Best suited for consulting companies, it will work well for business and financial organizations. Featuring a design that is classic for such web projects, the template looks trustworthy and inspiring. Its navigation bar is fixed to the top of the page, which allows your site’s visitors to access the rest of the pages with a click. HTML plus JS animation give you the freedom to manage the look and feel of the template just the way you wish. The parallax scrolling and lazy load effects not only provide for better visual appeal, but also enhance the usability of the theme.
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7 business and consulting wp theme

Brian’s is a clean theme that will work well for consulting, business and financial websites. It features a full-width header slider, which is intended to draw users’ eyes to your hottest offers, products or services in a breathtaking manner. The theme features elements of metro style and lots of white space, which makes content more readable. Different pieces of information have been divided by means of over-sized headings written on the colored backgrounds.
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8. Consulting Company

8 business and consulting wp template

Consulting Company WordPress template captivates with its minimalist, yet functional, layout. In addition to the traditional list of company news, services and the latest blog updates, the theme includes a stunning photo gallery and several usable sliders, which will let you appeal to every reader. Content blocks are separated by means of the full-width photo backgrounds featuring the parallax scrolling effect. Thanks to full social integration, people will appreciate the ease with which they can spread the word about their preferred services on the web.
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9. The Leader

9 business consulting wp theme

The Leader is a professionally built business WordPress template that comes loaded with an array of options to create a rock-solid online presentation of your project. The header of the theme has been enhanced with a parallax scrolling large hero image. In order to make your site more usable, the horizontal navigation panel remains in a fixed position at the top of the page as a user navigates through your content. Icons and images with the hover effect, add more interactivity to the design. Grid-based content positioning provide for a seamless scanning of the page, which makes it easier for your audience to come across the desired information in an instant.
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10. Success

10 business and consulting wordpress theme

Success looks different from the rest of the templates in this collection. While the aforementioned designs are best suited for official company pages, this WordPress theme will work well for business blogs and news portals. The layout was built in an interactive yet easy to browse manner, which allows you to share loads of different types of content on the page. Filter, portfolio page, galleries and sliders were all integrated with the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your web resource.
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11. Essperto

11 business wordpress template

Essperto is a fully featured business WordPress template running on Cherry Framework 4. The latter is known for its ease of installation and customization. By default, the theme comes loaded with an array of shortcodes, which make post editing a breeze. In addition, the theme includes a Shortcode Template Editor, a feature from which all developers can benefit. With its help you can create and manage custom shortcodes that will work on your site specifically. In addition, the pack includes several premium plugins (like MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider) which the theme’s owners can use for free.
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12. Bingo Biz

12 corporate wp theme

Bingo Biz. was specifically developed in order to attract more clients to your business and turn accidental visitors into loyal customers. The home page features enough space to share different types of content about your business. Here you will find clearly defined blocks for representing your services and staff, company story, a filterable portfolio with case studies, user testimonials, etc. Best suited for content heavy web resources, the theme includes the lazy load effect. With its help you will have no problem with the page loading speeds. What’s more, the theme is enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, which ensures seamless page adaptation to any screen size.
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13. Empire Investment

13 corporate wordpress theme

Empire Investment was designed in a clean style with the purpose of drawing the user’s attention to your site’s content. Vivid red calls-to-action placed on the light background also serve as great attention-grabbers. Just like the rest of the templates on this list, Empire Investment was made responsive and cross-browser compatible. Coming with WPML support, the theme is ready to be translated into as many languages as you wish. In terms of navigation, everything was made simple and intuitive. A sticky dropdown menu, grid-based content positioning and back-to-top functionality were all integrated into the theme.
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14. Gitex

14 business wordpress theme

Gitex is a financial advisor WordPress template, which was designed to look sharp on the latest-generation devices, both desktop and handheld. Running on the latest Cherry Framework 4, the theme includes all the benefits of the latter and much more. The parallax scrolling effect was added to the background images of the theme. The clear and easy on the eyes color scheme provides for seamless and more enjoyable site browsing. When reaching a website powered by such a template, the users won’t be irritated by the heavy design elements. Traditionally, the template is fully customizable, so you can apply any changes via the advanced admin panel or use the MotoPress Content Editor in order to speed up the process.
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15. Human Rights

15 wp theme for a cnsulting company

Human Rights is a business WordPress template that is powered by Cherry Framework 4 and is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. The functionality, with which the theme comes loaded, can be managed by both beginner and pro developers. Such options as Cherry Installation Wizard, a pack of shortcodes for multiple purposes, MotoPress Content Editor, Shortcode Template Editor, and a host of other smart features will make it possible to tweak the template just the way you wish.
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16. Smartex

16 wp consulting theme

Smartex can adapt to any given role. Intended to suit business and corporate sites, it will work well for consulting, investment, software, communication, transportation or almost any other kind of web project. Cherry Framework 4 has brought advanced functionality to the theme’s dashboard, making it possible even for the novice user to apply changes to the design. Customization requires no risk. You can return to the default theme settings at any step of its modification.
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Free Consulting WordPress Themes

1. New Group

17 wp theme

Even though New Group is a free WordPress theme, in terms of design and functionality it doesn’t lag behind the premium solutions. Its visual presentation will be a perfect fit for any business project. The users will experience the feeling of depth when navigating the site’s pages, which feature parallax scrolling background images. The lazy load effect has also been integrated into the theme. This option will be of special use to the content heavy web resources. Image hover effect was added just to bring more interactivity to the template, and give users an opportunity to discover more data about your services without the need to leave for a different page.
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2. Globaly

18 consulting wordpress theme

Globaly was developed in the best traditions of clean design style. The layout doesn’t feature anything extra or anything that would distract the user’s attention from understanding your business, its objectives and services. Built with valid HTML and CSS practices in mind, the theme features HTML plus JS animation, and will run properly on any device that your audience prefers. In addition, the theme is compatible with all the latest WordPress versions, so you may be certain that your site will remain competitive in the market for a long time.
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3. Business

19. Business WordPress theme

The next freebie was developed by dessign.net. As the name implies, Business WordPress theme is best suited for any kind of business that you run. Both small-to-large-sized projects can benefit from its design. Created in the minimalist style, it brings the site’s content to the forefront perfectly. The main page of the theme looks uncluttered. All that you will find here is a carousel slider placed at the center of the page, accompanied by a couple of words about the company, contact details and the navigation bar, of course.
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4. Lawyeria Lite

20 Lawyeria Lite

Lawyeria Lite was designed and developed by Codeinwp. The theme is best suited for a small business site or a personal blog. The layout looks rather simple yet easy to navigate. The pack doesn’t include loads of pre-designed pages. All that the Lite version includes are the Home, About, Parent and Sub-parent pages. One of the greatest advantages of the theme is its fully responsive layout, which will run smoothly across all the modern devices.
Demo | Download

These were 20 of our most preferred premium and free Consulting WordPress themes. Why do we recommend trying them? Well, most of these solutions can be managed by both novice and pro developers. Freebies will become a great starting point on your way to discovering all the latest trends and achievements in the world of web design, whereas premium designs will help you to design like a pro.

By the way, if you are new to the field of web design or you are only planning to start your first online project, the following resource will be of great value to you. Startup Hub is an online library with an array of useful recommendations by skilled web design pros who will introduce you to specific terminology and provide answers to the most discussed questions.

That’s it for today. As ever, you are welcome to share your thoughts about the aforementioned designs and provide suggestions on the other themes that you think are worthy of being mentioned here.

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