20 Website Examples with Hamburger Icon Design You’ll Love

By / Aug 19, 2014 / Inspiration

The hamburger icon is one of those UI features that are so old you could not even find an author. But after browsing the web for a while, it turned out that the hamburger icon comes from the Xerox Star personal worksection. It’s one of the earliest graphical user interfaces. Its designer, Norm Cox, designed system’s interface including the icon itself. The hamburger icon looks like a list and is a great way to remind users of a menu list.

These days hamburger icon is used to save space on the screen and denotes a hidden menu. Lately a lot of websites with video and full-size image backgrounds appeared, so hamburger icon is the best option for such kind of pages. When clicked on it, the user would be allowed to navigate the website menu. I collected 20 website examples with hamburger icon designs which mean hidden menu. Scroll down and enjoy!


Outdated Browser




Fixed Agency



Cantina Negrar



Flat or Not



Minute of Silence

HLK Agency




Killing Kennedy

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    These are all great example sites, these are awesome full screen sites. The simplicity and user experience on each are great. I had no idea it was called a hamburger icon, haha. The more you know! Makes sense.