May 29, 2024
Adrian Sommeling

Learn the Art of Storytelling with Photographer Adrian Sommeling

Today we are shedding a light on talented Adrian Sommeling’s amazing work that shadows the work of thousands of other designers who try to get to his level. At the end of the article, we added a bonus Photoshop manipulation tutorial for everybody to enjoy.

Adrian Sommeling is a conceptual portrait artist from Netherlands. He creates impressive photography by combining different images. We should say that his works are compelling. Quite some time ago, an interest for art and painting sparked within him. Nevertheless, he now uses Photoshop and his camera to create fantastic photography.

Sommeling uses a Sony A7RII, a 16-35 mm lens, and a couple of studio lights to capture his photos. He then uses his computer and Photoshop to create almost anything his heart desires. Photoshop and Nik Color Efex best capture his amazing compositions. He shoots a background photo, then the models separately at home or in the studio. During post-production, he cuts them out, places them on the background photo, adds shadow and does some color corrections. At the end of the post, you’ll find a short, 1-minute video to see the overall process yourself. In order to improve his work, Adrian Sommeling is constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone to shoot something new.

At the moment, his favorite one is the one exactly below. It is a photo of Adrian and his son sitting at a poker table. He was inspired by Annie Leibovitz for this picture. The photographer created a similar background with 3D software and put his son and himself in the scene. You can see Adrian’s photography, video, and tutorials on his website. For his full collection of artwork, check out his profile on 500px. In a nutshell, have collected his best works to inspire you:

Adrian Sommeling’ Videos

We hope you found the tutorial useful. How long does it take to capture the perfect picture and process it? Tell us more about your creative process. Share this post on social media to inspire others. Don’t forget to subscribe for daily snippets of creative designs!

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