February 25, 2024

5 Cool Tools and Services for Developers to use in 2018

Web development is a rewarding profession. The rewards are great when developers are able to overcome the challenges. These challenges are usually presented by those large, complex projects. Admittedly, such challenges can be stressful. Even more so when someone is breathing down your neck asking you to do more and do it in less than the usual amount of time.

The person breathing down your neck may be experiencing even more stress than you. He or she may not even realize one of a project manager’s responsibilities. It is to provide the team with the tools they need to get the work done well and on time.

Here’s an opportunity to consider several top tools and services for developers. You might be a programmer or a task team or project manager. Either way, one or more of these products or services could prove to be a genuine time-saver. They can serve as a stress-reducer, or simply make it easier to work through a complex problem.


  1. monday.com

monday.com is a simple team management tool and platform that’s equally suitable for a team of two or a team of thousands. “Simple” does not infer simplistic, but quite the opposite. monday.com is so easy and intuitive to use that a significant portion of its user base which numbers over 35,000, is made up of non-tech oriented teams.

Monday.com replaces spreadsheet files, whiteboard presentations, and the need for multiple meetings, many of which tend to be excessively long. Instead, users are presented with a colorful, attractive, and easy to navigate UI where project status ranging from high-level planning goals and objectives and specific details related to day-to-day tasks is clearly and logically displayed.

What managers and team members seem to like most about this team management tool is the way its users feel they are part of something big and important and they feel empowered. They also like the ways in which monday.com promotes project transparency and team collaboration, and boosts collective productivity.


  1. Waypoints

Waypoints provides programmers with a library of tools they can access when adding scrolling animations and interactions to layouts; design features that are much in demand today. This programmer’s library is free to download and contains builds for Zepto, jQuery and one without framework dependencies.

Waypoint provides users with an easy way to trigger a function after having scrolled to an element on a page or layout. In this respect, developers will find the Waypoints library Shortcut section especially useful. Shortcuts features scripts that address common Waypoint uses like Sticky Elements, Scroll, and Inview.

Waypoints is more than a handy developer’s tool. It’s a genuine time-saver, and the solutions it provides gives users added flexibility when faced with complex designs.


  1. AND CO from Fiverr

When an invoicing and time tracking app’s user base is made up of more than 100,000 large and small businesses, agencies, studios, and freelancers, it would suggest that the authors of this app got more than a few things right.

AND CO can be used on the Web, Android, and iOS platforms. It’s free, and once installed it can run your entire business; or at least the task management part of your business you would prefer to automate in the interest of efficiency, reliability, and cost reduction.

AND CO manages invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, and payments managing around the clock. Recurrent payments are also automated, and there are additional features that can be utilized to create customized proposals and contracts.


  1. Nutcache

This business-oriented, multi-purpose project management app is best suited for development teams subscribing to Agile methodologies, including Kanban and Scrum. Nutcache centralizes and displays all critical project information from project inception to final billing or worked hours and expenses.

This app is particularly popular with project managers in that it seamlessly integrates financial capabilities with task management features and functionalities.

  1. TMS-Outsource

Outsourcing development activities has many advantages; especially for large, complex projects that require a mix of talent and expertise. The TMS staff is well versed in working with Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

Outsourcing to this service-oriented agency will save you money that would otherwise be spent on salaries, training, overhead, and equipment. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing TMS will complete the development activity on time.


Tips on How to Become a Better Developer

Achieving super-star status as a programmer is a laudable goal. But it’s something that’s not likely to happen without a lot of hard work. Here are three guidelines to follow to make the journey easier if you allow them to become habits. That should not be difficult as they are not at all complicated and are relatively easy to follow.

  1. Read lots of code – the more the better. Many if not most who succeed in any profession tend to be prolific readers. Reading code written by others allows you to learn valuable lessons. You can discover how they’ve solved problems.
  2. Write lots of code – your own personal code. There are a lot of benefits of writing code for your own personal use. It is that you have complete freedom to experiment with different problem solutions. Performing well for others can increase your marketability. Experimenting on your own can do the same.
  3. Assume the attitude that when you’ve finished a programming job you’re really not finished. Consider the “finished” code to be an initial iteration. Work on it some more to try to make it even better – and it will be better.



Invest time or money in a top-rated tool or service. Like this, you’re at some point likely to ask yourself why you didn’t do so much earlier. By doing so, you could have saved a huge amount of time, kept a failed project on track, or written cleaner code.

Rather than kicking yourself, why not simply enjoy the ride? Give yourself a pat on the back for selecting a tool or service that has made your life as a developer that much easier?

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