July 15, 2024

50 Web Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter

If your looking for some web designers and developers to follow on twitter, then your in the right place as this list contains 50 web designers and developers who are worth following. You’ll find that each one has a lot to offer and a unique perspective on their craft.

Gary Thomas – (9swords) he tweets cool stuff for web designers.

Aaron Irizarry – (aaroni268) is a User Experience Designer for Harte-Hanks/PennySaver.

Angie Bowen – (angbowen) is a web designer/developer from Colorado.

Adam Smith – (atsmith) is the president and creative director of Advent Creative.

Andrew Wilkinson – (awilkinson) runs the interface design agency MetaLab.

Barry Madden – (BarryMadden) is a freelance web/GUI/graphic designer.

Brian Gardner – (bgardner) is the founder and CEO of StudioPress.

Brian K. McDaniel – (bkmacdaddy) is a web and graphic designer from San Francisco.

Paul Boag – (boagworld) founded web design agency Headscape and runs boagworld.

Brad Colbow – (bradcolbow) is a freelance web designer who also creates a weekly comic strip.

Brian Cray – (briancray) is a Colombus based web entrepreneur and consultant.

Rachael Furn – (calmbanana) is a web developer based in Northants, UK.

Chetan R – (cheth) is an indian based web/graphic designer.

Chris Spooner – (chrisspooner) is a blogger based in Sheffield, UK.

Liz Andrade – (cmdshiftdesign) is a web/graphic designer and a regular blogger.

Collis – (collis) is CEO/Co-Founder of Envato.

Walter Apai – (DesignerDepot) is a web designer who runs Web Designer Depot.

Emma Taylor – (emtaylor) is a freelance web designer based in Cyprus.

Hannah – (ErisDS) is PHP developer based in Northampton, UK.

Mike Rundle – (flyosity) is software developer based in Raleigh.

Glenn Hilton – (glennhilton) is a web designer/developer based in Vancouver.

Gopal Raju – (gopalraju) is an indian based web designer/developer and blogger.

Grace Smith – (gracesmith) is a freelance web designer/developer who also runs thefreelancefeed.com.

Janko Jovanovic – (jankowarpspeed) is a UI designer, software engineer, blogger, speaker and artist.

Dainis Graveris – (1stwebdesigner) is a web designer who runs www.1stwebdesigner.com.

Jason Walz – (jasonwalz) is Milwaukee based web designer.

Jeff Croft – (jcroft) is a Seattle based web designer/developer who has also authored books.

John O’Nolan – (JohnONolan) is a UK based web designer who regularly blogs on many different sites.

Jon Phillips – (jophillips) is a web designer who runs Sprye Studios.

Liam McKay – (liammckay) is a UK based web designer who is currently working on WPBundle.

Mark Jardine – (markjardine) is a San Jose based who designer who works for Tapbots.

Marko Prljic – (markoprljic) is a croatian based web designer who founded Twinkle Tap.

Meagan Fisher – (meaganfisher) is a Salem based web designer who works at SimpleBits.

Mike Lane – (mlane) is a Minneapolis based UX designer.

Ronald Bien – (naldzgraphics) is a Philippines based graphic designer and also founder of Naldz Graphics.

Nishan Joomun – (nishanjoomun) is a Montreal based web designer.

nourayehia – (nourayehia) is web designer who also founded Noupe and Bundle Hunt

David Perel – (obox) is a South Africa based web designer and co-founder of Obox.

Amélie Husson – (othella) is a web designer from France but currently based in Germany.

http://www.twitter.com/paddydonnelly is an Irish web designer currently based in Belgium.

Rob Hawkes – (robhawkes) is a UK based web developer.

Rogie – (rogieking) is a Montant based web designer and founder of Komodomedia.

Veronica Domeier – (ronicadesign) is a San Antonio based freelance web designer.

Sarah Parmenter – (sazzy) is a UK based web designer and founder of You Know Who.

Thomas Ulbricht – (sharebrain) is a web deigner based in Germany, he also founded Sharebrain.

Jacob Gube – (sixrevisions) is a web developer/designer, he also founded Six Revisions and co-founded Design Instruct.

Luca Soffici – (Soffici) is an Italy based web & graphic designer.

Tom Kenny – (tkenny) is a UK based web designer/developer and he founded Inspect Element.

Tony Chester – (tonychester) is a web designer from Cary and owner of OnWired.

Umut Muhaddisoglu – (umutm) is a web developer and blogger from Turkey.

This list was just a small section of the web design community there are 100’s if not 1000’s of more designers worth following so feel free to leave a comment with a link to your link twitter profile if you think your worth following!


Thomas Hardy is a freelance web designer from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), here is his portfolio. He founded Design-Heaven and Work-Killer, where he regularly blogs. You will also find him on Twitter and Facebook.


      1. Jason Reply

        Oh look, it’s one of THESE lists again.

        The last one of these I saw, I used it for an experiment. I made sure I was following the top 20, then over 10 days I looked at the kind of stuff they were tweeting, and if it was of any use and relevence (to web design/development).

        And what a surprise, most of them tweeted utter bollocks.

        Here’s my list of 5 (from your list of 50):
        @sixrevisions, @sazzy, @chrisspooner, @paddydonnelly, @boagworld.

        1. Vlado Reply

          Agree with Jason. A lot on the list tweet merely personal things (going to make groceries, soon client meeting, highscore on game Bla and so on). Nice, but hardly useful.

          In my very humble opinion designers worth being followed:

          Mix between links and personal

          Only tweets bout design, art, photography etc.

      2. gillico Reply

        Rachel- Walter Apai has never designed anything- he bought the url and spammed his way into recognition. He hires writers and knows nothing about web design himself. This is a paid placement like every other reference to him on the web.

  1. Mariusz Reply

    This list is totally incomplete – missing many important people like Ryan Carson (owner of @Carsonified), Soh Tanaka (@sohtanaka), Dan Cederholm (@simplebits) of Dribbble & SimpleBits, Molly Horzschlag (@mollydotcom), Jina Bolton (@jina) etc. and has lots of spam-filled twitterfeed people in it too.

  2. Gary Reply

    Dainis from 1stWebdesigner.com??

    Come on..he is just a blogger,even he is not writing anything in his blog

    You add many ”only” design blog owners not designers

    Being a web designer means something different

  3. Liam Hammett Reply

    Thanks for this amazing list WDL, and Mariusz. Ofcourse the list isn’t complete, nearly everyone has a Twitter account nowadays, and there are way more than 50 web designers on Twitter definitely… As said in the last paragraph ^_^

    Once again, great list! I enjoy reading what these sort of people post 😉

  4. Kate Reply

    What’s up with the lack of content on Web Designer Depot for the last couple of days, not to mention quality? I see typos all over this article. Copy edit! I want meaningful articles, not halfhearted lists where the only text is straight off the website being featured.

  5. Aaron Irizarry Reply

    Wow… thanks for the include on this list. I am humbled to be include with such awesome people.

    Thank God this list is alphabetical cause I certainly dont deserve to be near the top.

    Thanks again!

    ~ Aaron I

  6. Barry Madden Reply

    ✎…Thanks for the addy i found this list really useful 🙂

    Print or prepress designers may also want to follow @MelindaKiba 😀


  7. Liz Reply

    thanks for including me! It mustve been tough to narrow it down to 50, there are so many great community members on Twitter.. so that fact that I made the cute is shocking and flattering.

    Any of ya’ll reading this looking for more “honorable mentions” id suggest @nikibrown and @joshuamauldin and @designcoyote.

  8. matt Reply

    I have to agree w/ a number of the replies here…this list is sorta lacking. And there are some questionable folks included who likely won’t be providing much more than links to their own ad-driven blogs. Some of my suggestions would include: Jesse Bennett Chamberlain (@jessebc), Cameron Moll (@cameronmoll), Jason Fried (@jasonfried), etc. etc.

  9. Sherry Reply

    I love how some of these people have websites with splash pages saying they’re “rebranding” and they’ll be “back in xxx of 2009!”. I don’t care how busy you are, if you can’t keep your own website up to date I don’t consider YOU up to date either.

    There are literally thousands of great designers out there but narrowing it down to a popularity contest like this usually does rub people the wrong way – unless of course they’re on the special list.

  10. Matthew James Reply

    A huge number of Twitter profiles here are not even worth following. I suggest you guys check out @thelimedesign on twitter. He does not have a design blog but his designing skills are stupendous.

  11. Ayo Reply

    its is certain a lot of people will be left out. It is possible some might not deserve the spot… but they must have done something to be here. So people, lets give it up for them.
    Lovely post.

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