May 23, 2024

6 Design Podcasts You Should Be Subscribing To


If you’re anything like us, you are always seeking out the latest design trends and leaders for inspiration. Listening to a design podcast is the perfect way to actively learn without interrupting your life. If you walk into Webdesignledger’s headquarters, you will see just about all of us working with our headphones in. We are always listening to the latest podcasts to provoke thought and inspire creativity.

Podcasts are the perfect way to learn new information about the creative world and leaders in the design industry. If you’re the type of person that is always listening to music while working, switch it up and check out some of our favorite design podcasts that will surely get your creative juices flowing.


Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Design Matters is the pioneer podcast in the design world. With over 250 episodes since 2005, Debbie Millman has “wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought.” Hosted at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, this podcast introduces you to amazing guests discussing their skills, experiences, and new ideas.

Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Deeply Graphic is a podcast for graphic designers, web designers and visual designers for creative and realistic design advice. In each episode, 6 design professionals discuss a specific topic and their tips and tricks for becoming a successful digital designer. We like the “Do Yourself a Favor” segment because the hosts answer questions submitted by listeners. We may or may not have submitted a few questions of our own…

The Reflex Blue Show

Listening to The Reflex Blue Show is like listening to your best friends discuss the latest trends and artists in the design world – if your friends were the leading designers in the industry of course. Reflex Blue follows a more conversational, funny approach to graphic design, pop culture, and the people working in the industry. Hosted by Donovan Beery, you will quickly hone your skills with this show.

99% Invisible

If you are new to the podcasting world, 99% Invisible is the perfect show to suck you in while learning about a variety of creative topics. 99% Invisible is “about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about, the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” With categories including architecture, technology, visuals, objects, and history, 99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts on Itunes. Not to mention, their website’s design is fantastic.

Adventures In Design

We love Adventures In Design because we can depend on it every day for funny, yet educational artistic discussions.  Mark Brickey hosts a variety of guests, from logo designers to album cover artists. Tune in as they ramble about their experiences and lessons learned in this design podcast. Fair warning – these artists do not censor themselves!

Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative is a weekly podcast dedicated to providing tips and lessons to help you stay creative in everyday life. The host, Todd Henry, is an inspiration himself, authoring three books, The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, and Louder Than Words. Join Todd as he interviews business leaders on how they keep their creative minds roaming while producing their best work possible. The Accidental Creative also offers amazing seminars and workshops to further inspire.

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