June 18, 2024

AI Startup Grades the Excitement On Your Website

eyequant4When it comes to grading the engagement of a website’s design the best way to gain perspective on this is to test the design with actual people. UX testing apps like UserTesting.com, Verify App are currently some of the tools available that put your website in front of real users to gain insight on their engagement with the design of your website. This is a multiple step process that often take several wireframes and prototypes tested for optimal success.

In today’s fast-paced world of developing new design and testing it at an early stage for better, faster critique and collaboration; designers are pushed to test their design skill with practices such as Lean UX. Though most favorable design decisions are based on aesthetic intuition for both the designer and user, a small AI startup from Berlin is out to redefine the way we design for engagement.

EyeQuant is a virtual AI that teaches software to view web and mobile design the way people do. It ranks sites on a scoring system from a low score of calm design to a high score of stimulating/exciting design. The most impressive capability is that it scores website with the same level of accuracy and results and a user test with more that 100 test participants in less than a minute.



The test goes above and beyond by testing other important elements of design like predicting attention and grading visual clarity helping designer better adjust design for optimum engagement. It even goes as far as to hurt your feelings by finding visual flaws in your design. All in the name of good design.

Eyequant 1

EyeQuant was developed with a full scientific advisory board made up of brain researchers from the California Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California and the University of Osnabrück, Germany.

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