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I’m very excited to announce a brand new addition to Web Design Ledger. We’re now offering a premium membership to our readers. As a WDL Premium member, you will have access to high quality design files created by top notch designers. New premium content will be released on a weekly basis, and will include the following:

Photoshop FilesOriginal Photoshop Files
Brushes, patterns, and stunning design templates.
Design ElementsBeautiful Design Elements
Vectors, icons, textures, and more.
Design ElementsPremium WordPress Themes
Beautiful WordPress themes created by talented web designers exclusively for WDL Premium members.
Design ElementsFiles from Popular Brands
We’ve also partnered with some of the best and most recognized brands in the design community to bring you the best of what they have to offer.
The iMac giveaway has ended and we will be announcing the winner on July 18th, 2009.

How much does it cost?

priceA WDL Premium membership is only $7 per month. That’s an incredible value considering that each premium file is worth far more than $7, and we will be releasing 4-5 new files per month.

Become a WDL Premium Member – Only $7 per month

You can use WDL Premium files in both personal and commercial projects. However, you are not allowed to redistribute or sell WDL Premium files. By clicking the “Subscribe” button, you agree to these terms.

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Andrew Munro

    Great stuff, looking forward to it

  • Bob Orchard

    Count me in –

    *Sidenote – I’ve always drooled over the 24″ Mac – but never had the funds to go ahead and purchase it.

  • Jeff Rainey

    Just signed up and looking forward to some great stuff. Thanks!

  • Sebastiano Guerriero

    Sure to see great stuff here at WebDesignLedger!

  • austin La Porte

    Signed up…….. a new mac would be sweet!!

  • Rebecca Bryant

    Signed up and looking forward to the content :)

  • Pavel Ciorici
  • Laura McGuigan

    Looking forward to the goodies. And maybe even a new computer! :)

  • Acketon Design Studio

    Sounds like a a nice option, but I’d like to see themes for other CMS systems, specifically Drupal. WordPress just isn’t powerful enough for a lot of sites.

  • Henry

    @Acketon Design Studio – Thanks. We are definitely open to hearing suggestions as to what you all would like to get, and Drupal themes are a definite possibility.

  • adam

    premium, is there a special rate for pre-pay ? for the whole year and would i be able to use the themes in my client projects/portfolio ? Thanks

  • Eduardo Partida

    Awesome. I just signed-up. I hope i can win the iMac 😀

  • Caleb Kimbrough

    I’d gladly help support your awesome blog Henry! Looking forward to all the premium content.

  • Sam Harding
  • 11:11 Creative

    Registered and tweeted:

  • Nouman Saleem

    Congrats Henry, It takes alot to basically give away the revenue you’d make from 250 members.

    I tweeted you guys at:

    Look forward to a service I know will rock.

  • Kimberly Beaven

    Sounds amazing and who could say no to a chance to win equipment:

  • Webdesign

    I love the Mac-Design. I’ve just signed up. Still Hope I’m the lucky one 😉

  • Henry

    Everybody, thanks for the awesome response so far, especially considering that we’ve yet to publish a premium post yet. That shows me that you really believe in what we’re doing here.

    @adam – As of right now there is only one payment plan, but that could change in the future.

    @Nouman Saleem – Thanks! Yeah, some might think that is a little crazy, but hopefully it shows that we’re dedicated to giving our readers quality stuff…and what is more “quality” than an iMac? :)

  • Federico Viticci

    Congrats, signed up!

  • Andrew
  • Connatser

    Thanks Henry, looking forward to the content. –

  • Dan Harper

    Just signed up & looking forward to the new premium content :)


  • Chad Martin

    Signed up and looking forward to the new content. Also pushed me over the edge to get started on twitter:

  • Sam Harding

    Stupid question, but if you already have an iMac, and you win, can you get an MBP instead? (whichever is equal or lower in price)

  • Sam Harding

    Addition to the above comment. Pressed submit by accident.

    Reason I’m asking is because I much prefer laptops to desktops, and I only have a small place and getting rid of this huge desk and half-dead, 3-year-old iMac would solve some problems. Such as another bookshelf.

    I know others prefer laptops as well, so I was wondering if there is an option? If not, ignore this =P

  • Megan Yoerger

    Wow this premium account looks like a great idea – i bet there are lots of delightful resources there!
    I have joined @angemy

  • Andrew Austin

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store!
    Registered and posted on twitter here:

  • Dana Weitzenberg

    Just signed up with my yahoo email address (since that is my paypal account address), but tweeted from my lobstervine twitter page (, assoc. email address is on server Looking forward to the first premium giveaway! Hoping to win the iMac!

  • Matthew K. Tabor

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway – I’m looking forward to WDL Premium content. I can only imagine how useful it’ll be if it’s a step up from what you’ve already made available to us. I was glad to RT the message about the giveaway:

  • Aaron Quinn

    Great promotion idea! Looking forward to the premium files.

  • susan preston

    Huzzah! Happy to sign up and take a stab @ a new machine. My desktop died a week ago, so this would be a welcome addition to my laptop. Regardless of winning or not, I know the subscription will be worth it.


  • Chris Barnett

    Count me in, I want a shot at a new iMac. Excited for premium member content on WDL. Cheers!

  • Jon Phillips

    Awesome! That’s a great idea! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys will offer to premium members. I just joined and tweeted about it too: :)

  • Josh Hemsley
  • Joey Yax

    Looking forward to some great things from you guys!

    Subscribed & twittered:

  • Henry

    @Sam Harding – We are planning on giving an Apple gift card for the amount of a 24″ iMac. That way those that want to upgrade can do that too. So to answer your question, if you wanted to use the gift card toward a MacBook Pro, I don’t see why that would be a problem.

  • Gregory Homyak

    I signed up! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  • Kal

    Is this one open to international subscribers (seeing as the prize comes in the form of a gift card)? Thanks in advance.

  • Rebecca Bryant

    @Kal good point, but seeing as its a gift card, rather than an entire Mac let’s hope so. :)

  • gareth thompson

    Signed up, looking forward to seeing who wins.

  • Sam Harding

    @Henry – Thanks. Sorry for sounding a bit picky. Website it awesome by the way, thanks for the vectors!

    @Rebecca Bryant – I hope so – I live in the UK. If not, subscription is still worth it in my opinion.

  • John Wilson

    Hope I’m not too late to enter, just signed up and tweeted (


  • Tony Price
  • Maria

    Signed up and tweeted:

  • Justin Lancaster

    Talk about an effective promotion! Count me in… Just signed up and tweeted.

  • Valeri Cantrell
    Just signed up for the premium and can’t wait!

  • Karim Turay

    I’m In! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Signed up and tweeted:

  • Steven Wood

    I hope I’m lucky! Thanks for the deal

  • Steven Wood

    Sent a tweet as well

  • Brian Watson

    registered and twittered

  • Henry

    @kal – It is open to international members too. We will do what we have to based on the winner’s request…gift card or actual iMac.

  • joshua arnao
  • James Wilcox

    Signed up for premium to support this great resource. I’m hoping to make time to be creative in Photoshop with inspiration coming from the cool stuff we’ll get.

  • Abraham Al-Rajhi

    Glad to enter this drawing, my little pc is getting worn out!

    Here’s my tweet:

  • Dilip Gupta

    looking forward for 24″ Mac. Hope i’ll get it.

    Registered and twitted

    and my Twitter ID is

  • Rachel Shillcock

    Wow, hope I’m within the 250 members! Will we be notified when there IS the 250 members? Looking forward to the premium content as it is, bet it will be brilliant. Tweeted the message as well @missrachilli –

  • Candace Cottrell

    I subscribed, I tweeted. My fingers are crossed!!

  • Henry

    Just wanted to let everybody know that I’ll be announcing the winner today once we hear back from them.

  • Henrik Juhl

    Hi! Just signed up and looking forward to all the juicy stuff :-)


  • Henry

    @Henrik Juhl – Thanks for signing up. You can find past premium posts here: