Author: Daniel Schwarz

10 Examples of Hand-Lettering Design Work

Hand-lettering is an artistic craft so beautiful that the bewilderment only makes it more alluring. Whether you’re a calligraphist or just an appreciator of the arts, these 10 examples of hand-lettering will surely arouse some internal curiosity.

10 Bold Websites That Are Surging with Energy

Over the last year or so I’ve started to notice that health and sports websites tend to have highly-modernized websites that offer a heightened visual experience – usually with energetic imagery, beautiful typography, and scroll-based interactions.

Borrowing Sketch Styles from Similar Layers

Shared Styles, Text Styles, and Symbols in Sketch App bare a striking resemblance to the way that we use CSS classes in web design. They let us reuse sets of already-defined styles in an effort to save a few seconds in our workflow.

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