May 29, 2024

Bucharest hosts SmartWeb Conference on September 22nd

The SmartWeb Conference is an annual get-together for European designers and web developers. It’s a way to share new insights about the industry and meet other creatives residing in nearby countries.

In 2015 SmartWeb will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania. It’s only a one-day event so it’s not meant to be a huge get-together. But it is meant to be a great way to network and learn new ways of thinking without having to give up an entire weekend.

But those who would like to get some extra practice in can sign up for workshops which occur the day before on Sept. 21st. So far the only scheduled workshop is “Advanced Sass” by Roy Tomeij. All other scheduled talks will be held on September 22nd in the Marriott Hotel.

SmartWeb 2015 conference room

With only one day to fit in 6+ talks you’ll want to be prepared! A laptop or notebook for taking notes is critical. Anything else you might use for practice or to show others would be great to bring along.

As of now tickets are still available. You can order the single-day conference tickets, the pre-event workshop, or both together. Anyone in the area of eastern Europe with an interest in a quick 1-day event shold definitely check out SmartWeb.

If you can’t make it this year be sure to follow updates on Facebook or on Twitter @smartwebconf.


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