July 22, 2024

C4 is a framework for Creative Coding

C4 iOS

C4 is a coding framework that allows you to program using native iOS. It is open-sourced and so you can explore endless possibilities. C4 is great for beginners who want to get into programming for iOS, because it is easy to learn due to its simplified API and Consistent objects. Even though it was built upon UIKit and Core Animation, it is much cleaner.

C4 -1

With C4 you can build your UI to incorporate media, animations by combining many frameworks like UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, AVFoundation and QuartzCore. It combines all these component seamlessly and with excellent speed to create excellent user experiences.

C4 is handy for:

  • Prototyping
  • Mobile Applications
  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Artworks
  • Computational Design Education
  • Communication Design
  • Print Design

The platform is dedicated to excellent support and even has their own Slack community. Visit their page to check out some of visual experiments being made using C4.

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