May 25, 2024

django CMS 3.2 Has Been Released

The latest version of django CMS, version 3.2, has been released and it comes with a better user interface, and moves further towards better support for touchscreen devices.

This new version of django CMS focuses more on the needs of content editors. The button behavior and display logic has been enhanced, so as to be able to make editing content via touch devices even easier. django CMS 3.2 also comes with a new Content Creation Wizard, that helps you quickly add content to your website via a guided step by step approach. 

Furthermore, since django CMS is moving towards absolute support for touchscreen devices, the front-end code has been optimized to enhance speed and usability. By making use of automated minification, django CMS 3.2 offers better page load times for users.


To quote django CMS blog:

Most editing and management operations now work well on most devices, and we are moving ever closer to complete touch-screen support.

Even though it happens to be the biggest release of django CMS so far, version 3.2 is just another step towards version 3.3, that promises to bring many more changes to the table.


Following the release of version 3.3, django CMS intends to drop support for obsolete versions, such as Django 1.6 and 1.7, as well as Python 2.6 This will also mean that changes will be made to menu and permission systems in django 3.3

To learn more, you can read the release notes of django CMS 3.2 here, or check out a demo site.

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