Dolody: A new Design Dialogue – Plus a FREE ebook

By / Feb 8, 2012 / News

From the creators of and, a new design dialogue just launched today

Dolody (@dolody) is a weekly design magazine that brings together the latest (and, yes, the greatest) tutorials, articles, freebies & webcasts on the topics of UX and UI design for the web and mobile worlds. Each issue is dedicated to a single wow-tastic topic that is sure to rock the socks off today’s leading designers, developers and agencies.

This week’s issue is about one specific topic: “What’s New and What’s Next”

“Welcome to the inaugural issue of Dolody! We’re pretty sure you’re gonna look back on this moment like that lucky Ed Sullivan Show audience looked back on seeing The Beatles’s first show. (Hey, we can dream, right?) So you know, every week, we’ll fill every square pixel of Dolody with articles on one design topic. For this issue, we’ve decided to put on “a really big shew” and share articles, apps and tools about ground-breaking design & UX trends and techniques. Enjoy! (PS: Catch that Ed Sullivan reference?)”

Dolody: A new Design Dialogue & a FREE ebook

To celebrate the release of every issue a free premium design resource or Mac application is given away for free. This week you can download a FREE copy of “Professional Web Design” e-book Vol. 2. by SmashingMagazine. The book will be available for free for the next 7 days.

To participate, simply click on the download button you can see at the top right of Dolody’s homepage. For more information, visit You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or sign up for their newsletter.

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  • Daniel

    What a terrible and ugly site! Lots of display-issues with FF10. Chrome seems to work better, but still ugly!
    The usability is just awful. Not to speak of the poor contrasts and the irritating background…
    In my opinion: Very bad design choice for a “weekly design magazine […] on the topics of UX and UI design”

  • Design Turnpike

    Great, I’ll be sure to follow. Thanks!

  • Blending Colours

    Dolody is an example of BADLY designed website. No usability whatsoever, packed with rubbish, 1000 useless bits and pieces, no light at all… just awful.