July 17, 2024

Share your Ideas for a New Donald Trump Campaign Slogan

There’s no denying that the multi-billionaire Donald Trump is raising eyebrows at his position on the political stage. It seems his run for presidency has attracted lots of attention both good & bad.

On many Internet communities Donald Trump for president has almost turned into a meme unto itself. Humor and serious depictions of Trump have graced the Internet & continue to do so with his thriving national campaign.

Donald Trump current slogan

But what about his slogan? At the moment he’s running with “Make America Great Again” which has drawn praise, derision, humor and satirization. Stephen Colbert recently put out his opinion for a rebranding of Donald Trump’s presidential run.

Stephen Colbert Trump slogan

This post is an open invitation for everyone & anyone to submit their own ideas for a new Donald Trump slogan. Do you have any concepts worth sharing? We’re open to everything from churlish to judicious quips, humorous puns & everything inbetween!

If you’d like to submit your idea(s) please send a message directly to info@webdesignledger.com.

Others have already brought attention to Trump on image boards and online forums. It seems he’s gathered a lot of buzz on the Internet, and any similar slogans would do just the same.

Trump overcomb slogan

Trump Obama you're fired


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  1. Jason heaton Reply

    If you want to work for Free! Vote for Hillary! And pay 90% in taxes! Vote for Trump and have a big lump in your pocket! My slogan by Jason E Heaton.

  2. Jetta Sandridge Woolery Reply

    Hillary Clinton wants to use the woman’s card well in cards Trump overruled everything so Donald Trump can you use the trump card

  3. Walt Gula Reply

    What does Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby have in common? Skeletons in their closets coming out for Halloween and beyond…

  4. james moore Reply

    Since no one was outraged when Chamberlain claimed to have sex with 10, 000 women , his attempt to be considered the apex stud of all time- mockingly crowds should chant “Wilt the Stilt Trump” knowing it was just inane stud posturing meant to be ridiculous.

  5. Colleen Reply

    As a business owner I think trump should hammer home you don’t have to like me persoaly. Most employees don’t like there bosses but you do want to trust your boss to recognize your worth and your bosses worth to make not just the owner money but you to make money. I am interested in trump only because our government is so in debt that I believe only someone who is incredible gifted in business has a chance to save our economy.

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