April 12, 2024

Ember.js Releases Ember Data v2.0 (with Upcoming Beta to Follow)

Ember.js is a common MVC framework for JavaScript developers. It’s meant to provide standard procedures that you’d expect in any other framework, but with the core basis running in JavaScript.

This library has gained popularity amongst developers who want to switch over the JS solutions. Interestingly enough, this framework has also been popular due to its connection with the Handelebars.js templating engine.

Earlier this week the Ember team released an update for the Ember Data library. The v2.0 Ember Data release includes typical bug fixes along with some deprecated functionality. The entire structure was recently overhauled to work with JSON formats for greater control in JavaScript.

Anyone who uses Ember.js should note that this upgrade is not critical and does not patch any major security holes. Everything is about moving forward towards newer technologies & improving Ember.js as a whole.

You can view the Ember Data v2 changelog on GitHUb to see what’s been updated.

Also the team has released news about reworking v2.0 for a v2.1 beta. This is certainly not stable and should not be attached to your current webapps – however early adopters might play around with the beta to report bugs, annoying features, or perhaps even suggest features to improve Ember’s performance on single-page web applications.

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