70+ Beautiful Damask Patterns and Textures

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Damask is a weaving style or technique that originated in the early Middle Ages near Damascus, Syria. This particular style typically produced very ornate and decorative patterns in the fabric. These types of patterns are wonderful to use in a design that needs to have a vintage or ornate look. In this post there are over 70 beautiful damask patterns and textures that you can use in your designs.

All of these are free, but make sure to read the terms on the download pages before using.

Floral Vector Pattern

Floral Vector Pattern

Free damask seamless pattern

Free damask seamless pattern

Birthday Special

Birthday Special

Teal Brown Grunge Damask

Teal Brown Grunge Damask

Dark Teal Damask Wallpaper

Dark Teal Damask Wallpaper

Patterns.2 (2 patterns)


Green Grunge Damask

Green Grunge Damask

Ornate Textures Lite Pk (9 textures)

Ornate Textures Lite Pk

Nouveau Pattern 2

Nouveau Pattern 2

Damask Wallpaper patterns (25 patterns)

Damask Wallpaper patterns

Teal Gold Damask

Teal Gold Damask



Orange Damask Wallpaper

Orange Damask Wallpaper

Orange Gold Damask

Orange Gold Damask

Big Damask Textures (6 textures)

Big Damask Textures

Ornate Textures Dark Pk (9 textures)

Ornate Textures Dark Pk

Gothic Mono

Gothic Mono

damask wallpaper

damask wallpaper

damask wallpaper 2

damask wallpaper 2

Charcoal Damask

Charcoal Damask

Wintry Damask Wallpaper

Wintry Damask Wallpaper

Patterns 2 (6 patterns)

Patterns 2

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