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Building a Chef Website in Adobe Muse with Assets - Adobe Muse CC - Muse For You

How to Build a Responsive Website in Adobe Muse – FREE 17 Day Course

How to Build a Responsive Website in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required    We’ve seen quite a few changes to Adobe Muse since its initial release in 2012. The initial release focused on adaptive design and scroll effects, and then Adobe Muse evolved to responsive design and breakpoints. We can still use adaptive design…

SmartDesk2. When Furniture Becomes A Part of You.

If you are working in an office or from your own home, on the computer, or doing desktop tasks, there are two most important things on which your work depends besides your professional skills: the chair and the desk. While the office chair is easy to replace, the desk, if it is integrated into the…

Autonomous SmartDesk Standing Desk Giveaway

  Autonomous helps the world’s smartest people work smarter, and we have partnered with them for an amazing giveaway. One very lucky winner will win a 53″ business edition Autonomous SmartDesk Standing Desk. Lifting up to 300 pounds, this 53″ business edition standing desk features a steel frame/structure, dual motors, and a 5-year warranty. The winner…

Coding Starter Pack Giveaway

Bring Your Web Designs to Life With Coding Basics! Web Design Ledger and Flatiron School have partnered together for an amazing giveaway! Five very lucky designers will win a chance to learn how to build beautiful websites that are both responsive and interactive with Flatiron School’s Coding Starter Pack for Web Designers.

coffeecup responsive design pack

CoffeeCup Responsive Design Pack Giveaway

Our friends at CoffeeCup are giving away a Responsive Design Pack for FREE (a total value of $1500) to FIVE very lucky designers! Featuring their top eight apps, the Responsive Design Pack is perfect for visually designing stunning websites, show-stopping photo displays, fully functional web forms, and money-making newsletters. The pack is also loaded with a ton of customizable responsive themes. With drag-n-drop interfaces…

HostGator Giveaway

Whether you’re a blogger or a budding entrepreneur, HostGator makes it easy for you to build your website and share your brand with the world. Choose from a variety of WordPress, cloud, and dedicated web hosting plans to suit your needs. You deserve a great website, and you are in luck because we are giving…

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