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Google’s Brynn Evans Weighs In on Current Trends

“If you’re looking for a first project, start with a problem that you’re facing — turn inward and identify a few pain points in your life.”   Brynn Evans is the type of person who everyone instantly likes. She’s personable, articulate, and has a mission-driven ethos about her work and life. She studied Psychology (BA) &…

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Google Will Soon Introduce Material Design for Chrome

Ever since 2014, Material Design has been Google’s preferred design language, with the company encouraging its use in different applications and design projects. Many designers have been quick to adopt Material Design, especially in terms of Android apps and occasional web design projects. However, Google itself has not shown much favor to Material Design so…


Google Will Soon Label HTTP Websites as “Unsafe”

Recently, Google announced that it has started considering HTTPS as a metric when deciding the pagerank of a given website. Thus, all other elements being equal, HTTPS websites get preference over HTTP ones. However, Google has also decided to go a step further: pretty soon, it will mark HTTP websites as “unsafe”, and warn users…


Google Chrome is About to Get Faster Than Before!

If you are a Google Chrome user, there is good news for you. Your web browser is about to get faster and better than ever, all thanks to a new data compression algorithm that Google is planning to roll out soon. Google employee Ilya Grigorik took to Google+ to describe the advent of Brotli compression…

Is Google Rolling Out The Penguin Update?

Recently, we reported that Google made some surprise changes to its algorithm that had left many SEO experts puzzled. In continuation from last week, this week too, Google made more changes to its search algorithm. However, this time, Google was quick to clarify that these changes were not a new addition per se, but instead,…

Google is Planning to Get Rid of Passwords

Google is planning to get rid of passwords, and switch entirely towards a new system of authentication. Currently codenamed as Project Abacus, this new method of authentication is one of Google’s top innovative entities for the current year. 


Google Wants Developers to Inline Small CSS

It is no secret that Google loves fast websites, and considers page speed as a factor when deciding page rank. While Google has a very detailed guide related to page speed and how to optimize your website, it has also recently added that small CSS should, preferably, be inlined. 

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