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fall fonts

Stunning Free Fall Fonts 2018

  The fall of 2018 is closer than ever, and the projects seem to be ready for the harvest season. On the 22nd of September, you need to have your fall fonts in the pantry, and we are here to help you with that.    Although we still have a month of summer when the…


Do People Still Love Helvetica?

Do people still use Helvetica? Today, we will see what designers say about the notorious font. Are you curious to find out how many hate it and how many love it? So am I. Let’s find out!    Approximately 1000 years ago, the Chineseman Bi Sheng invented the mobile letter. An organic and geometric work…

Summer Loving Font

Summer Loving Font Adds Tropical Vibes to Your Projects FOTW#6

When we, at Webdesignledger, love something, we make sure that it is shared with all of our readers. We appreciate hard work and we want to make known the designers who painstakingly create amazing fonts. Therefore, today’s blog post is about Nicky Laatz, the talented creator of Summer Loving Font.     Nicky Laatz has…

Chad Michael Studio

The Master of Branding and Packaging: Chad Michael Studio AOTW#7

Chad Michael Studio makes sure that every branding and packaging design is high class. Read more to find out all about his work and important projects that made him a guru of beer design.   Who is Chad Michael? Chad Michael had founded of the eponymous studio in 2014, after working as head designer for…

Noma Bar

Noma Bar’s Illusions Will Make You Double Take

Illustrations of any kind are quite a hot topic lately. Today, we will be expanding on this idea, and going over the work of one of the most world-renowned illustration artists.    Noma Bar is an Israel-born artist whose works are simple, yet powerful. He has designed over one hundred magazine covers, published over 550…

Cartoon Illustrations

30 Creative Cartoon Illustrations for Your Inspiration

Today we have a fun topic, one that anyone can enjoy, the cartoon illustrations of several creators. Sit back and enjoy.  Illustrations are truly a difficult style of artwork which requires a lot of time and patience to make perfect. Of course, we can’t practice illustration for you, but we can give you some ideas…

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