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Coding a Radar Chart in jQuery

If you are into front-end development, you can’t escape from two things – jQuery and data visualization. jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries which is being used by more than 70% of top one million websites (source). And with the increasing amount of data, sooner or later you will have to get…

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Guide for Code Terminology and Capability

What code should I learn is a popular infographic that gives newbie developers a visual guide to choosing a new language to learn. We believe it also comes in handy for web designers who are sometimes less knowledgeable of the multitude of code languages, terminology and in-depth capability of certain languages. For web designers, it…


6 Not-so-Typical ways to Make your First E-Commerce Sale (Infographic)

A lot of brand new eCommerce owners are struggling to make their first sale. It’s not uncommon, but it’s also nothing to have looming over your incipient business. The number one question I get on a daily basis is: “I started a new company but no orders are coming in. What should I do?” I…


Tools & Webapps for Creating your own Infographics

Infographics have become all the rage with Internet lovers. They provide quick & easy factual information related to a certain topic. I have always loved the idea but never thought it would catch on so quickly. Looking over Google you can find so many examples of refined infographics on nearly any subject.


20 Useful Web Design Infographics Tips & Tricks

Infographics are a good way to turn some boring data into an informative attractive graphic which is easier for a reader to digest. With the rise of the visual web, the number of infographics on various topics increases day by day. I handpicked 20 web design infographics that feature useful tips and tricks, trends, and…


Exclusive Free Download: Vintage Infographic Elements

Infographics are great for displaying information in a way that is easier to digest. The use of stylish design elements can simplify complex information and make it fun and interesting to learn what the data actually represents. As a designer, you’ve probably been asked to create an infographic. If not, you probably will be in…

9 Cool Infographics for Designers

Here at WDL we love infographics and all the helpful data and stylish visuals contained within them. The use of visual design elements can simplify complex information and make it easier to digest. And this is why today we’ve rounded up a collection of infographics for designers. From SEO tips to logo evolution and a…

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