21 Examples of Ribbons Web Design

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Trends in web design come and go, with some hanging around longer than others. One trend that seems to be withstanding the tests of time is the use of ribbon style graphics or design elements. Web designers have been using ribbons for a few years now to add emphasis to certain aspects of a design, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So for this post, we’ve gathered some excellent examples to inspire you in case you’re considering using ribbons in your next design.

radoor & co

Inspiring Ribbons

Hello Somebody

Inspiring Ribbons

Letter Learner

Inspiring Ribbons

St Kilda High Hopes

Inspiring Ribbons

Small Studio

Inspiring Ribbons

826 Seattle

Inspiring Ribbons


Inspiring Ribbons

Big Bite Creative

Inspiring Ribbons

Pistachio App

Inspiring Ribbons

The Lit Pub

Inspiring Ribbons


Inspiring Ribbons

Kitchen Sink Studios

Inspiring Ribbons

Future of Car Sharing

Inspiring Ribbons

Alex Pierce

Inspiring Ribbons

Wells Riley

Inspiring Ribbons

Big Top

Inspiring Ribbons


Inspiring Ribbons

simple as milk

Inspiring Ribbons


Inspiring Ribbons

Brock Kenzler

Inspiring Ribbons

Carnivale du Vin

Inspiring Ribbons


The Best Designs

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    Very nice examples

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    Very nice collection.

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    A good choice of examples by ribbons. I like “Jopp” and “simply as milk”. Design and background too.

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    Nice and inspiring collection!

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    All posts are really good, great work.

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    For some reason, I really dislike the overuse of ribbons nowadays.

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    I like the Radoor example. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for the very nice colletions of unique and beautiful websites.

  • Izhar

    Just want to say impressive!

  • http://cacpro.com/blog Trevor Roberts

    We incorporated ribbons into the design of a new site we just launched for a client: http://OneWord365.com

    Love these other solid examples!

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    Nice collection of designs, I do like a good design with stickers or ribbons. Simple as Milk has to be one of my favourites mainly because of the typography!

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    nice collection!
    thanks for sharing!