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    Great ! especially like the Pencil and Hole ones

    Thanks for sharing

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    This is very useful! Share the goodness 😉

    The best type logos are the ones that make you smile!

  • http://www.arvinbautista.com Arvin Bautista

    I find it interesting that many of these logos’ appeal seems to come from the color background they’re sitting on, especially the ones with the gradient. If these logos were placed black on white I doubt they’d look nearly as brilliant, but nonetheless all of the examples here are still very well done.

    • http://trippingwords.com Josh

      That was a spot on observation. The gradient background does heaps in accentuating the visual flavour fo the logo. Having said that however, some of them are pretty clever.

  • http://www.webdesign-bureau-of-mauritius.com Web Design Mauritius

    I really like the “Illusion” logo. That one is a great typography only logo that does its job!

  • pooja

    Awesome work. Really liked them

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    Great showcase! Thanks for sharing all these…now I need to redo mine lol

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    Good creativity on designing these logo’s …

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    Wow I love looking at cool logo’s! Turn Left, Branding and Pencil are some of my favourite’s although they are all awesome! Thanks

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    Great list… Thanks for it.

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    Nice Logos. Thanks!

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    Great feature! Very inspiring post.

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    Wacky, is a logo i haven’t seen before, cool use of space for the letters..

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    Nice, thanks for sharing!

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    I think ‘wave’ is an incredibly smart and has some kind of ‘wavy’ font shapes to complete the look. It sticks to the viewer’s memory 😉
    Thanks for this logo round up post!

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    I just updated our logo this week in preparation for a site make-over. Nothing too fancy, but it definitely falls into this category.

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    I may get railroaded for saying this…

    I’m just about to wrap up a design on 99Designs.com. This place has a love hate relationship in the design world, I know.

    Funny thing is that this contest has actually been a joke.

    Are there any similar sources that are more professional than a 99Designs type of thing?

    The canned response would be finding a talented designer to go with, but I like the competition aspect of it.

    Thanks for your response.

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    Amazing list. Thanks!

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    Excellent !!!

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    Nice selection here. Great use of negative space in some and flattered to be included.

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    WOW!!!! Very amazing type only logos, although some were fairly hard to read and or miss read.

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    Typography is truly inspiring.

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    Surprised FedEx isn’t listed here.

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    Logo design depicts the theme of the company, while creating logo, a designer should convey the message of the company through its logo design

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    Yes I agree with you. Logos don’t always have to have a symbol to be effective. The logo designs you posted are very well done. Simple yet catchy. Logos that have impact and easy to remember.

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    Minima and Jill rocks. Although it took me a while to figure Jill out. haha

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    You’re seeing more logos with the light/soft glow behind them. Nice collection.

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    Awesome !! Thanks a lot !!

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    Excellent collection. I have an interesting observation though: most of these logos seem to contain a single word, as opposed to multiple words or a phrase. I guess brands/identities with single words tend to pack more “punch” in certain contexts.

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    nice post… Icons can be over rated!

    i sometimes wish clients understood the power of good typography!

    keep it simple

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    Very nice!!!

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    mummy logo awesome !!!

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    these r some really nice logos n the best part is that they are so simple n yet catchy.

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    After 15 years of designing logos I still find it hard to do ‘Type only’ logos. I just can’t help but to add a symbol :). Is anyone else like that?

  • http://www.how2createawebsite.in/ How to Create a Website

    These are very high quality text logo designs. All of the logos are really cool and are having different design patterns.

  • http://www.creativepimpadvertising.com/graphic-design-portfolio/logo-design/ Corporate Branding | Logo Design

    Logo is an an identifying mark that conveys corporate identities and ownership. It should be simple and yet striking in one look. Thanks for sharing this. I like the Locks and Indulge.