New Site Launch: Five Niche Galleries

By / Jun 9, 2009 / Inspiration

Steven Snell of Vandelay Design and announced the launch of five new galleries that focus on specific niches. We all know the value of gallery sites for the design community. They give us inspiration and allow our work to be seen by thousands, but sometimes typical web design galleries can be overwhelming when looking for a specific design style. This is what inspired Steven to create this family of sites.

Here is a break down of what each one has to offer:

Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit is a niche gallery that showcases only sites with excellent use of minimalism in the design.



Cart Frenzy will showcase only the best designed e-commerce sites.

Folio Focus

Folio Focus

Folio Focus showcases the best portfolio sites of all kinds. You’ll find inspiration from the sites of freelance designers, design firms, photographers and more.

Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes is a showcase of the best blog designs. Whether you are designing a blog theme for a client or for yourself, you’ll find tons of inspiration here.



TypeInspire is for those looking for typographic inspiration, but not only will it showcase great use of type in web design, but also beautiful typography in other mediums.

I’m very excited about watching these sites grow. If they are anything like the other stuff that Steven puts out then, are bound to be great.

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • Lee Milthorpe

    They all look very nice!

    I’m sure they will do brilliantly and not just blend in with the other galleries out there! Great choice of niches too.

  • webmasterdubai

    nice site galleries.

  • Steven Snell

    Thank you very much for the writeup! I really appreciate it. Hopefully these galleries become a go-to resource for designers when they’re looking for a particular type of inspiration. Each of the sites has a number of items in the que waiting to be published, so there should be some good stuff coming.

  • Zach Dunn

    I like this idea a lot. Cart Frenzy is the most unique of the bunch, because it’s not often that great design is highlighted in online sales.

    It’s great to see more than just personal portfolios featured.

  • Soh Tanaka

    Steven always does a great job with inspirational round ups, I’m very sure these sites will have great content, and lots of it~! Great job~

  • z0r

    Nice round-up, good sharing. Delicioused!