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world attractions

What do famous world attractions look like without the crowd?

Have you ever wondered what some of the biggest attractions of the world would look like without the infinite lines? Or, perhaps, you have wondered what the world would look like if people just disappeared completely? Regardless of the scenario, you can’t deny that sometimes people just ruin an otherwise perfect picture. Recently, designers were…

sheila buchanan designs

Sheila Buchanan Designs Impecably AOTW#13

For our weekly series where we feature design studios, we research and analyze the work of the potential Monday stars for days. Our goal is to bring into your attention the best companies from all over the world. Today, we are shedding the light on a boutique graphic design studio that convinced us of their…

inverted color

The Inverted Colors Challenge

Do you all remember those golden times when the most you could do with your 4 megapixel-photos was add a Sepia, Black and White, or Negative effect to them? Phones weren’t that advanced and nor were our expectations. Nothing was cooler than having an edited picture taken by someone else. Selfies weren’t a thing back…

honey butter font

Honey Butter: Best Font For Fall 2018 FOTW#10

Sometimes, designers create fonts that we believe could have been done better. It’s not always easy to get the kerning, leading, and tracking jobs done correctly. It takes a whole lot of practice and talent to design a good font, especially given the amount of fonts that invade the market nowadays. Lettersiro is a master…

Colorized Old Photos

Colorized Old Photos Bring History To Life

For a quite long period of time, pictures existed only in black and white. When we look at these pictures, we can’t truly connect and relate to the people in them. They look so far back in time that it’s hard to imagine what it was like to be them. But that alien feeling vanished…

Red Couch Creative, inc.

Red Couch Creative Can Make Your Business Look Pretty AOTF#12

As per usual, we dedicate our Mondays to design agencies that we believe are worth sharing. Red Couch Creative, inc. is a flexible agency, passionate about helping any brand, big or small. If you are looking for a personal touch, odds are that these guys got you covered. The specialize in any field that your…

digital illustration tutorials

Digital Illustration Tutorials That Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level

Tutorials achieve their goal only when they are simple, concise, and offer all the information need. As graphic designers, we have to constantly be learning new tricks that could recommend us for more and important jobs. The digital illustration is a popular field among designers due to its versatile style and the freedom it offers….

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