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Web Design Inspiration beyond just Websites

We all know about the countless web design inspiration galleries littering Google’s search results. Many are great, others are OK and some are just downright horrible. But one thing they all share is an affinity for inspiring websites. This makes sense, right? How else can you get inspiration for a UI design? Well a new…


Behind the Scenes at ustwo Studios designing Android Wear

A very large digital studio ustwo is world-renowned for their incredible work and attention to detail. The studio has offices in many locations and works with some of the largest brands and companies. One project they built was the Android Wear watch faces that were built in conjunction with Google. They put together a large…


A Short Documentary on Jessica Walsh: Illustrator & Art Director in NYC

Jessica Walsh is a lovely designer hailing from New York where she’s built up a luxurious career for herself working for Sagmeister & Walsh. She’s a very talented designer with work ranging from web design, print design, and type design/illustrations. The Like Knows Like project is a YouTube series taking a look at interesting people…


30 Inspiring Examples of Dark Minimalist Website Layouts

Do you ever notice how familiar web content always seems to catch that twinkle in your eye? Fewer distractions allow for quicker reading material – and in these crazy times with Twitter and Justin Bieber it helps to remove as many distractions as possible. Another element which can help readers achieve deeper focus in a…


Don Clark of Invisible Creature shares his thoughts on Design

In an old converted barn just outside of Seattle you’ll find Invisible Creature, a graphic design studio run by Don and Ryan Clark. They’re brothers who produce fantastic artwork, illustrations, and all forms of design from interfaces to print & product design. Tim Kellner is a filmmaker who took the time to meet up with…


33 Powerful Blue Startup Websites for Design Inspiration

Modern startup design trends have come a long way since their initial inception in the early-to-mid 2000s. The field of web design itself has adopted a new paradigm with CSS3 properties, advanced JavaScript support, and loads of free open source code. It’s easier now than ever before to launch a captivating startup with free resources…


24 Professional Copywriter Portfolio Websites

It’s surprising how many people move into the field of copywriting. It’s a much-needed position to fill in advertising and marketing agencies. But copywriters also manage content in publications like magazines, TV guides, instruction manuals, and many other printed publications. It seems almost every company or idea rests on the wordsmithing abilities of talented copywriters.

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