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20 Awe-Inspiring Websites with Workspaces in the Background

Designers, engineers, architects, and  other creatives spend most of the day in front of their computers. This is where all the work gets done, social relationships are made, and emails get taken care of. In fact, laptops and computers have become a staple of modern lifestyle, and people use even more devices to make their…


30 Tasty Food Mobile App Designs for Foodies

With rapidly growing mobile technologies, we’re able to browse the web and do a lot more operations with smartphones which earlier were available only on laptop. Checking your analytics would show that more than 20% of users come to your site from mobile devices of different kinds, and this number is increasing day by day….


20 Creative Web Designers on Google Plus Worth Following

It’s been a while since Google Plus has changed its design, but I have to say that it’s a rapidly growing social community worth your attention, no matter what  field you are in. Google has to compete against fully established networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and as of now, they seem up to…


20 Creative Examples of Square Elements in Web Design

There are so many ways to present website content to the public. Let’s take a closer look at websites that feature square and rectangular elements. As a rule, square blocks are used in portfolio and e-commerce websites as it’s one of the best way to organize and showcase a big number of works, such as…


20 Wonderful Logo Sketches to Get You Inspired

Creating a logo is not that simple as it may seem at the first glance. It requires a lot of refinement and improvement before the final logo comes. Ink and a white piece of paper are the best tools for creatives to get inspired. No program can give the same kind of freedom as paper…


11 Inspiring Minimalistic Web Designs

Here at WDL we love to browse the web for good stuff to show you. It’s always great to see how designers put together different layouts and ideas. Minimal websites can be very inspiring when designed properly. Having the ability to develop a nice website with good UX and interface with a minimal approach is…

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