June 3, 2023

Inspiring Workspaces from Fellow Designers

If you need some ideas for your workspace, this post is for you. Browsing Dribbble, we noticed that they have a workspace tag where designers share their home offices with us. It’s always inspiring to see neat workspaces, especially when we know we are seeing actual home offices of real people, and not some interior design shot. Check out the inspiring workspaces we gathered here to get some ideas for your own home office.

Tina Floersch

Inspiring Workspaces

Sean McCabe

Inspiring Workspaces

Zach Roszczewski

Inspiring Workspaces

Alex Giron

Inspiring Workspaces

Paul Grill

Inspiring Workspaces

Daniel Immke

Inspiring Workspaces

Jonathan Howell

Inspiring Workspaces

Vincze István

Inspiring Workspaces

Joshua Söhn

Inspiring Workspaces

Adam Swisher

Inspiring Workspaces

Wade Garrett

Inspiring Workspaces

Yakup Akdemir

Inspiring Workspaces

Tony Thomas

Inspiring Workspaces

Francisco Quijada

Inspiring Workspaces

Joey Lomanto

Inspiring Workspaces

Jeremy Goldberg

Inspiring Workspaces


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  1. António Pinto Reply

    Congratulations to Wade Garret for being the only designer not using apple. Cheers upon you Wade.

    Nice article, always good to get some inspiration for our workplace.

    1. eva Reply

      I’m afraid it’s just the monitor not being apple, the keyboard looks suspiciously appleish to me, but I might be wrong.

      Seriously, for all the “I’m an individualistig designer” philosophy the apple-conformism makes me want to puke.

      All the rest is really nice, from white walls to sticking all your designs to your wall – i like.

    2. Chris Reply

      Yup, Wade seems just the monitor and mouse isn’t apple. On the screen you can clearly see the osx dock sitting right there …

    3. Andy A Reply

      Did anyone with a Windows / Linux PC based work area submit it? And if so were none of them considered inspiring? Or is it an automatic fail if you can’t see it’s running OS X?

      Seriously is there not one designer out there with a custom box he designed and got his friend at a chop shop to make out of sheet metal?

      A single guy running Win7 Photoshop on a PC set into a piece of 70s industrial furniture? Someone with a custom job sitting inside a Meiji Maki-e Japanese Papier Mache box?

      Someone with a Mac who not only dared change the mouse and monitor but the keyboard as well?

      Anything interesting at all? Or do you have to start with a Mac and then get given the creative freedom to put a poster up?

  2. Chris Reply

    I’m surprised to see only two people with a graphic tablets and almost everyone is using the mighty mouse which is slow and probably the most non-ergonomic mouse on the market.

    Plus, none of the designers seem to be using a rather color consistent, matt glas monitor like a proper eizo or also the dell ultrasharp line which are arguably better value for money than apple screens. I would not be surprised if non of those are calibrated either.

    This collection of workspaces is design over function at its best 😀

  3. Andreas Reply

    Well, it’s all so… neat and clean? Does anybody actually use these desks? When I work, there’s scribbles lying around, some pens and pencils, a notebook…

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see somebody’s setup, but these pics look like they were ripped straight out of an interior design catalogue.

  4. Dan Excel Reply

    Thumbs up to Adam Swisher for putting old books to great use…

    My work area is a model for organize confusion, I found a machete around my desk today…

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