July 14, 2024

InVision now Syncs Directly with Slack

Users of the InVision prototyping tool have found it to be a secure and reliable way to share design concepts with teams of all sizes. This has always made updating projects and creative briefs a whole lot easier with dynamic digital tools and team-based project privileges.

Just recently the folks at InVision announced a new unique connection with InVision + Slack.

Now it’s possible to update InVision prototypes and have all changes immediately sync to Slack chat. Since many teams already use Slack as their main chat client, this feature offers an incredible advantage to companies who need feedback as quickly as possible.

Invision with Slack chat

The idea is to bridge the gap between team collaboration in Slack with comments & critiques nested inside InVision projects. It’s now easier than ever to create conversations that hinge on design features of the most up-to-date prototype or project release through InVision.

All data syncs are instantaneous with any Slack channel connected onto the project. It’s easy to change sync settings to work however you need.

To get started log into your InVision account and in the menu find Slack configuration. If you’re looking for more info please skim the InVision blog post announcing this new feature.

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