July 15, 2024

The iOhouse Will Have you Living off the Grid in the Lap of Luxury

Have you ever wanted to live in a remote, scenic area surrounded by nature, but are not willing to sacrifice staying connected with the outside world? The SPACE by iOhouse has come up with the perfect solution: a sleek, modern house proposal that is self-contained and off the grid. Every utility you could ever need or imagine is part of the beautiful home, including wifi, heating, water, and electricity. You choose where to place your home, with no contracts or rules.

Art Meets Technology

The beautiful architecture of this brilliant home is a combination of two of our favorite things: art and technology. Made from “wood, wool, glass and metal” the materials come together to create a livable piece of art. According to their website, “no synthetic materials of any kind have been used in The SPACE project.” We love that the long, open floor to ceiling windows allow for you to fully take in the scenery that you choose to live in. The metal and wood of the remote house come together to create a contemporary vibe that somehow fits into a natural lifestyle. Every square foot of the home has a design meant to be fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lap of Luxury

The iOhouse is also equipped with state-of-art technology that allows you to check in on your home while you are away, from anywhere in the world. You can view the home’s energy consumption, heating and cooling settings, and what the weather looks like from your smartphone or tablet.

This luxurious home is fully functioning while being environmentally friendly. All living systems, including heating, sewage, and electrical systems are part of the design and are already in the home. You can move the home wherever, whenever you like using a truck. The entire home weighs about 19 tons, about a tenth of the weight of your average home. Solar panels are and a generator provides electricity, while a ventilation system provides air filtration. All appliances and furniture come with the home.

Everything you will Need and More

The designers of the iOhouse, based in Sweden, wanted this home to everything you need to live luxuriously in a remote location. They have truly considered everything. On their website, they wanted “Heritage and tradition meet technology and style to produce a comfortable and stunning living environment with natural warmth and organic charm. We didn’t just create a house; we created a piece of livable art designed to exist both in nature and as a part of nature.”

In the kitchen, you will find a dishwasher, refrigerator, hot water and coffee machines, a water purifier, and gas cooker. The kitchen counters appear to have sleek, black granite with white cabinets. This color palette extends throughout the home into the living space. The living area comes with full couches, a flat-screen television, a stereo system, and a dining set. Your bedroom (complete with bedroom furnishings) is a minimalist setting, designed for deep sleep and storage. Other perks of the home include automatic GPS positioning, a security system, wifi, digital network security, and Smart House.

The SPACE iOhouse will allow you to leave your hectic life for a tranquil setting of your choice. Work, live and play in any place you desire around the world. You can choose to wake up every morning next to a mighty mountain or fall asleep under the stars in a secluded forest. It is an opportunity to feel a relaxed freedom without sacrificing life’s luxuries. The entire home, with all appliances and furniture, costs about $635,000. A fair price to live in your dream location. Where would you choose to place this remarkable home?


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