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Six Unusual Ways to Get More Freelance Clients Than You Can Handle

We often say that ‘work is worship’ or that keeping yourself engaged is the most satisfying feeling you can have. But, what if you don’t have anyone to work for? In every venture you step into, there will always be a great risk involved or you may not be getting enough clients for your work. via…

Top 14 Companies To Work For In 2017 As a Graphic Designer

A completely satisfactory career that ensures both personal growth and financial fulfillment is the aim of most of working people, although, unfortunately, only few can attain this seemingly impossible goal. According to management and motivation specialists, job satisfaction is triggered by a series of factors, like: achievement, recognition (rewards), responsibility, advancement, low stress, work-life balance,…

A Showcase of Website Navigations with Serious Click Appeal

A while back we posted an article showcasing great website navigations. Consider this the sequel. The website navigations is meant to be clicked. It doesn’t need to blend in or be hard to find. It’s important that it stands out from the rest of the elements on the page, but yet still matches the overall style…

Where can you earn the most money as a software engineer?

    Traditional job searches are opaque and one-sided, particularly when it comes to salary negotiations. Candidates often don’t know the market rate for their skill set and level of experience, or how offers they receive stack up to the other opportunities that are out there. Hired is on a mission to change all that….

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