July 14, 2024

Millennial Appeal: How to Design a Website to Attract the Younger Audience

As Baby Boomers slowly make their exit and Generation X and Millennials emerge, you need to take this into consideration when deciding how you’d like your website to be designed. The younger audience is much more tech savvy than previous generations, and their values and styles of shopping and using the internet have changed. In summary, millennials are after a few things: fast and convenient information, content that’s funny and personal, and products and services that focus on their long term goals rather than instant gratification. Let’s break down further how you can specifically build a website that attracts the younger audience.


Attracting the Younger Generations in the Tech World

One of the biggest differences you will find between former generations and the current generations is their commitment to long term goals and overall harmony and peace. While the current generation may not have the best reputation, they are much more likely to visit websites and shop with their hearts and companies that are in line with their visions. Here is how you can specifically target the younger generations:

1. Mobile Access is a Must

This should come as no surprise – this is something that millennials are renown for. The younger online audience is known for being glued to the phone – just take a look walking down the street, on public transport, or even at a gathering with friends. Mobile access is incredibly important – it’s a fast way to access information and check out websites without booting up your computer or toting your bulky laptop along. Thus, it’s incredibly important you keep this in mind when designing your website – get some honest feedback on how your website looks like on its mobile interface, and be sure to keep the ease of use when browsing your website on a mobile device in mind.

mobile access

2. Focus on Showcasing Philanthropy

This is a must for your website. Millennials and Generation Z youth want to see that you stand for a cause and want to help the world at large to some extent. Whether you stand for Breast Cancer awareness and decide to place a banner on your site, or donate a certain portion of your website’s earnings to charity, or any other act of philanthropy that you can think of – it’s important to broadcast that on your site. Take Tom’s shoes for example. According to Greenbiz.com’s article:

Millennial embrace of the Toms Shoes brand is an example of a peer-driven business growth where social impact becomes synonymous with cool. Toms made it easy to take an impactful action, attracting a socially conscious millennial audience who take easy social actions such as online petitions, likes and shares.”


I think nearly every Millennial can identify with or name the specific style of Toms shoes. They have created a specific brand for themselves and really sparked the trend of incorporating philanthropy into the business world. Use this to your advantage when designing your website. Whether you want to drive in more traffic and gain more sales, or are actually genuinely interested in helping out a philanthropic organization, be sure to incorporate it into your site.

3. Have Warm, Inviting Undertones

Gone are the days of strict formatting and text that’s completely by the rules. Instead, Millennials want to see content that is warm and sparks a reaction – whether you decide to use a cat video somewhere on your site, or simply decide to use language that’s a bit more “loose” and reads as if it’s spoken is your call. The point is you want to ensure that your content comes across in a natural way that isn’t too rigid.

So untie that tie and loosen up your collar – relax and be a bit more informal with your content. Make it fun and personal. The ideas are limitless on this. One of the greatest examples to illustrate this are airline flight safety videos. Before, a very rigid presentation would be made by the flight crew. Now, it’s evolved into fun skits and videos that get the point across but in an entertaining way.

Hillary Clinton to the millennials during the debate

4. Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.)

Have something to say? Say it. Want to show something? Show it. Don’t make the younger audience jump through hoops to understand what you mean. The younger generation is busier than ever with modern day deadlines and activities throughout the day. Don’t keep them waiting – be sure to deliver your content and design your website in a digestible way that can be understood right away.

Bottom Line

While Millennials and Gen Z’ers may have a false stereotype that they are selfish and lazy, this is far from the truth. In fact, millennials are much more conscious about the world and environment than ever before. Therefore it’s crucial to appeal to the younger audience in this respect. But also keep in mind the tight schedules and busy days of studying and working many millennials often undergo – don’t make it anymore hard on them – deliver content in a straightforward way. It’s also important that the general theme of your website be inviting and friendly. Millennials and Generation Z’ers are friends rather than acquaintances – don’t be shy! If you keep these four key elements in mind when designing your website to attract the younger audience, you will have it made.


John Stone is a business consultant at Nirmal Web Design and Seo Newcastle.Through years of experience, he became a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur. You can contact him on Twitter.

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