May 20, 2024

Music as a Productivity Tool

Creativity is a strange beast. It is critical for great work yet impossible to quantify. Steve Jobs once said, “When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.” Some can turn it on and off at will, others wait for inspiration to strike. One thing that everybody agrees on is that your environment is a critical driver for creativity.
With this in mind, many companies have shifted their approach to the physical work environment. It’s not secret that the days of cubical farms are gone in favor of open-layouts designed to encourage creativity and cross-functional exposure. While most agree that this has been a positive shift, there’s one area where it causes major trouble: privacy.
Almost every open-layout office has that one guy who talks a little too loudly on the phone or takes the lack of doors as an invitation to pop in and chat. Suddenly, those headphones on your desk look appealing.
Our advice: strap those headphones on. It will bring out the most creative and productive you.
Trying to get into producing your music can also be very therapeutic as stated by Jules Dickens a Music Production Specialist based in the UK
It puts out the vibe. That guy who walks over to your table to chat? Headphones put out the vibe that you’re in the zone and you aren’t to be disturbed.
Science has your back. Peter Quily is an adult Attention Deficit Disorder coach. Quily says that listening to music boosts the levels of neurotransmitter dopamine, a chemical that can help people focus. Those who have trouble focusing or those who have ADHD often have low dopamine levels, so music is a healthy boost.
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