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Twitter Now Offers Accessible Images For Everyone

Twitter recently turned ten-year old, and to celebrate its birthday, it made its interface friendlier and easier to use for those with visual impairment. In other words, Twitter has made images on its site more accessible for everyone. 


Skype Will Discontinue its App For Smart TVs

Skype has recently announced that it will soon discontinue its app for smart TVs. The change will come into effect in June this year. The reason behind the change is that Skype is more popular for users on smarthphones and tablets, and not so for users on smart TVs. To quote: Over the years, users…

Amazon’s Terms of Service Now Cover the Zombie Apocalypse!

If the zombie apocalypse does happen sometime in the future, the world might end, but Amazon will still be on your side. Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) updated its terms of service to include many new clauses and terms, including one special clause — one related to a type of zombie apocalypse.


Yahoo Has Decided to Scale Down Flickr

Things are not going so well for Yahoo, and in the last quarter of 2015, the company reported losses worth $4.43 billion. To make amends, and also to steer itself towards profitability, Yahoo is looking to scale back some of its operations. Recently, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that in order to combat the rising…


Firefox 44 Now Supports Web Push

Push notifications have finally come to Firefox. With a new feature called Web Push, Firefox 44 can now inform you about WebRTC calls, website updates, incoming messages and email, etc.


Amazon Web Services Now Offers Free SSL/TLS

Amazon Web Services, the popular public cloud infrastructure provider, recently announced the launch of AWS Certificate Manager — a service that you can use to obtain TLS and SSL certificates for your websites for free. Yes, you read that right. Keeping in mind the rise in popularity of SSL certificates, especially after Google announced that…


Rust 1.6 Has Been Released

The latest release of Rust programming language is out, and developers can now upgrade to Rust 1.6 Rust is a popular systems programming language, and the latest version claims to focus on speed, stability and good performance. 

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