July 18, 2024

Not for Amateurs – Manage Website Projects Seamlessly with the NEW Webydo

Designers have long suffered from a perception problem. Far too often, people assume that a designer’s job is simply to “make things pretty”, whereas the true role of any designer is to find creative solutions to people’s problems.

Yes, those solutions may indeed include attractive visuals, but a designer is much more than a decorator and they are concerned with more than simply how something looks.


This perception problem for designers is made even more challenging when you consider web design projects and the typical role that designers play in those projects. Traditionally, designers have crafted the look and feel of a website, but as part of that process, they are also considering how people will use the site by designing the experience along with the visuals. The problem arises when the designer has to hand their work over to a developer (along with as much as 70% of a project’s budget).

This transfer of work also transforms the power of the project and it feeds the false perception that designers just make things look nice, but that developers are the ones who do all the real work.

With the NEW Webydo, designers working on the web can play a central role in all aspects of website projects from designing to client management, billing, etc.

A Whole New UI & UX.

The NEW design environment is extremely smooth, making it easier to design, manage and deliver. The interface is suited for the needs of professional designers with elements and features that stand out, making the design experience better.


Stability and Performance.

Building your design business around a specific piece of software can be a nerve-wracking proposition. What happens is that software fails? Where does that leave your clients and your business?


The NEW Webydo has made stability and security key elements in their solution.

The growth of Webydo’s designer community, which stands at 170,000, necessitated an upgrade to the platform’s infrastructure. This upgrade was an important part of the NEW Webydo, and designers can use the platform knowing that it will be available for them when they need it, free of glitches or rendering issues. The designer community was integral in creating the NEW Webydo as their feedback was taken at face value, thus being largely responsible for the NEW Webydo.

The NEW Webydo also allows for the registration of domain names from within the platform and for easily configurable website hosting. This hosting is provided through a partnership with Google Cloud. Webydo websites are monitored 24/7 upon the most reliable and stable servers in the industry. Content on these servers is automatically backed up for data protection and the platform’s “revision history” even allows designers to jump back to previous versions of a file if unapproved changes have been made.

New Website by Hello Monday.

Designed by the award-winning digital agency, Hello Monday, this website was built and hosted using the NEW Webydo. Not only does the site’s design look amazing, but the pages of the site are fully responsive. Visit on different devices and with different screen sizes and you will see the NEW Webydo’s pixel perfect responsive editor feature in effect. No matter the screen size, the site still looks and works great.


Fabulous New Themes.

Webydo’s designers crafted several  new, modern and responsive themes. All themes meet the demands of the latest design trends, including parallax scrolling, flat design, split screen layout and fullscreen video background, to name a few.


Craft and Host Responsive Websites.

The new Webydo is a complete B2B solution for designers, with a holistic workflow from crafting uniquely designed websites to managing, publishing and hosting fully functioning websites. With Webydo, the old design process is disrupted. Instead of using a dozen different tools for prototyping, wireframing, managing and publishing – Webydo provides a full, one-stop solution. What’s more, the NEW Webydo produces pixel-perfect responsive websites with a highly clean code, ensuring great SEO impact.

White labeling and Running a Design Business on The NEW Webydo.

One of the most surprising, and impressive, aspects of the NEW Webydo is the attention that has been paid to the management and publishing features of the platform. While you would expect a solution created “by designers, for designers” to include great design capabilities and even powerful development features to eliminate the need to reply on web developers, it is these other features for managing a business that really set the NEW Webydo apart from the competition.

Moving past the design and development features of the platform, the NEW Webydo also includes a built in CMS (content management system) – including white label capabilities, to give designers a viable option which they can turn over to clients who want to manage their own website content over time.

For a designer or agency running a web design business with the NEW Webydo, the ability to use one central dashboard to manage all websites and clients is incredibly convenient and a huge timesaver.

The aforementioned white label capabilities of the CMS are another important feature, since they allow an agency to make the platform their own and reinforce their relationship with clients who are using the software.

Client billing can also be handled from within Webydo, making the software so much more than just a design or development tool. The NEW Webydo is a business platform for website designers.

Webydo for Professional Designers

Webydo developed a solution that would allow web designers to work within a graphical interface similar to Photoshop or InDesign. This familiarity allows designers to create stunning visuals, but instead of having to hand those visuals off to a developer once they are done, the Webydo software allows those designers to then easily publish working web pages directly from the platform.

This “code free” development option is incredibly welcome to any designer who wants to play a larger role in the entire website creation process. Being involved in more of that process is an important step in changing the perception that designers only work on the look and feel of a site. Thankfully, the NEW Webydo does not stop at simply combining design and development under one roof. Unlike DIY web design tools like Wix or Weebly, which are more B2C products,

The NEW Webydo is top grade software aimed at professional designers who want more than just a website builder. The NEW Webydo is a platform upon which design professionals can build and grow their web design business.


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