Perforated: A Minimal WordPress Theme

By / Aug 4, 2009 / Premium

We’re proud to release our first WordPress theme for WDL Premium Members. It’s called Perforated, and features a super sleek design and layout that doesn’t get in the way of your content. This theme only uses 4 images with a combined file size of 16 kb. Now that’s minimal. Perforated will be part of our “Minimal Series” of themes, where the focus will be on typography and clean layout. We are also working on a “Textured Series” that will be part of our monthly release of new WordPress themes.

Live Demo of Perforated

Click the image for a live demo.


Things to Know About Perforated

  • Designed to use threaded comments
  • Widget ready
  • For best post formatting results, use a 620px wide “feature image” at the top of each post

Download the Theme

This file has expired.

If you have any questions about using this theme, just leave a comment on this post.

About the Author

Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • mktabor

    Wow – very clean theme, I’ve got some uses for it in mind already. Thanks again!

  • Billy Tamplin

    This kinda reminds me of idsgn

  • Brandon Cox

    Quite nice! Would love to use it on a particular blog, but hate to backtrack and re-work the code again. Great stuff! So far, I’ve felt the premium membership is worth it, just for the learning!

  • Henry

    @mktabor – Thanks. Glad you like it.

    @Billy Tamplin – I’ll take that as a compliment :)

    @Brandon Cox – That’s great! I’m glad you are liking the premium content. I might be a little biased, but I think it’s easy to see that the value of what we are delivering each month is worth far more than $7.

  • Garrett

    wOw! Definitely buying this. One of the nices “out-of-the-box” WP theme I have ever seen! Great job!

  • Dilip Gupta

    thanks for everything you did for me.

  • Henry

    @Dilip Gupta – You’re welcome. I hope you like the theme.

  • Jon Phillips

    Nice one! Worth more than the $7 subscription fee right there :)

  • Henry

    @Jon Phillips – Thanks Jon. Glad you like it. I think people are realizing that they’re getting a bargain :)

  • Peter

    Great theme, very clean and precise, thanks for sharing it with us.

  • James Polits

    Great theme! It’s more definitely worth the subscription.

    However, I am having a couple issues figuring out your method for dealing with the images. If you could help or had a help file to direct me to, that would be awesome!

  • Henry

    @James Polits – Glad you like the theme. The resizing of the images are handled in the style sheet. On the home page, an image in the most recent post will be displayed at full size, but an image in the previous posts are sized down proportionally to a width of 285px. For the theme to look it’s best, it would be ideal to include a 620px wide image at the top of each post like I’ve done in the live demo. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Ethan

    Beautiful theme. Quick question… Does it come with more than one layout option (i.e. not magazine-ish, but two-column in a series of posts like the first one)?

  • Henry

    @Ethan – Right now there is only one layout option. However, as we release themes and get feedback on each, we will make changes/additions and release updates.

  • Robert Johnson

    WordPress says it’s not widget aware. So can we not add anything to the sidebar?

    • Henry

      @ Robert Johnson – We just released a new version of the theme that now has a widget ready sidebar.

  • Robert

    Thanks Henry. I am new WordPress user. How do I add an image to a post?

  • Robert Johnson

    I get the following error whenever I update/add a post or edit my profile…

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/…/perforated/functions.php:8) in /home/…/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 865

  • Henry

    @Robert Johnson – Sorry about that. A bug slipped through in the latest update. It should be fixed now. Directly above the post body editor, there are several icons that allow you to insert media. The first icon is for inserting an image. Hope that helps, and let me know if you run into any more problems.

  • WebdesignEssex

    Can a post be added without the image as it will be hard to choose images for all posts for the project I have in mind?

  • Henry

    @WebdesignEssex – Yes. The theme can handle posts without images just fine. We all know that images can really enhance the appearance of a post, but you’re right, sometimes it is hard to find an image for every article. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Nits

    I fall in love in first site. Is it available for download. Or its paid one. How can i get it. M ready to pay if it in my budget

    • Henry

      @Nits – This theme is available to our premium members. With a premium membership you can download it and a lot more. You can learn more here:

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  • peluang usaha

    I like the theme, thanks very much


  • Joe Tower

    This is a great minimal theme. You guys have an invaluable blog and I appreciate all the time put in to the consistent level of quality in posts.

    Actually, this theme it’s the reason I decided to subscribe to the Premium membership. I was intrigued by the way the loop was being called-in on the homepage, which leads me to my question..

    Will the pagination function still work with custom permalinks enabled? Meaning, will it apply the same styling (large single post loop and two-column four post loop) to the archived “older posts” paginated pages with a custom permalink structure?

    I notice the demo theme has the default link structure. With the research I’ve done so far, I haven’t found a favorable answer to the permalink issue.

    I’ve played around with calling-in multiple loops in a similar fashion, but am a novice when it comes to PHP. Steadily learning though.

    Anyway, I figured I’d ask here before I start testing it myself.

    Thank you kindly and keep up the stellar Premium content.


    • Henry

      @Joe Tower: I’m glad you like the theme and the other premium content we’ve been delivering.

      Using a custom structure for your permalinks won’t cause any problems with the way the posts are displayed. In fact, we use the same type of technique here on WDL and also use custom permalinks.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Joe Tower

    Thank you kindly, Henry.

    Truly appreciate the quick response.

  • Chris Scelza

    I have some issues with the secondary post images resizing horizontally only (look vertically stretched), and a solid border around all images.

    I fixed the secondary posts with a height: auto; below the width: 265; which is cool. No idea about the border, though. WebDevToolbar is my friend, but it’s not pointing out anything yet.

    Anyone else getting this?

    • Henry

      @Chris Scelza: I didn’t realize the secondary post images were being stretched vertically. What browser did you see this in?

  • @todayinart

    I had the same issue as Chris and fixed the same way. This happened in Firefox and Safari on Mac. Awesome theme, using it here: – a site just for fun :)

  • @todayinart

    @Chris Scelza: The border is probably coming from images that have links on them. I had the same thing happening in Firefox on Mac. You can fix using this style:

    a img {border:none}

    hope that helps.

  • @todayinart

    One more thing. If you use youtube videos in your posts you may want to add something like this to the stylesheet to reduce the size of the videos on the front page:

    .secondaryPost embed, .secondaryPost object {

    tested in: Mac – Firefox and Safari Windows 7 – IE7 and IE8

    Thanks again Henry for the awesome theme!!

  • Henry

    @todayinart & Chris Scelza: Thanks for pointing out those problems with the style sheet. I’ve added your fixes to the theme.


  • nitin

    Its great theme look great for the blogger on first site

  • Marius Hepp

    Hey, that theme looks awesome. I’d like to have closer look but the demo doesn’t work. Is the theme not available anymore?

  • peluang bisnis

    A good theme is always paid. whether there is a good theme for free?

    My search for free. LOL