December 3, 2023

ReadMe Crowdsources Documentation & API References

Building a custom code documentation from scratch is always hard work. You often need a team of developers to help with bug fixes, supply add-ons, and even offer support as needed.

ReadMe is a way to crowdsource the work and push it onto a community of developers. The site is completely free and offers the best way to launch a custom development community around your plugin, library, or framework. webapp

The layout is simply beautiful and very easy to use. If there’s one credit for design work on this site, it goes to the overall structure of content and usability.

Features include typical code documentation(functions, methods, etc) along with API requests. You’ll also be given a custom community portal where other developers can ask questions and share insights. Definitely a one-of-a-kind service that any developer would find useful.

Unfortunately full plans do cost money, so this isn’t a fully free way of maintain documentation. Although you can sign up for free and try it out to see if ReadMe would be the best way to handle your next project.

Also you can find out more info regarding ReadMe on Twitter @readmeio.

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