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Live CSS Editor offers Instant CSS Manipulation In-Browser

While many browsers have developer tools, most of then work within complex containers and have lots of excessive unused tools. Live CSS Editor is much like the Chrome Dev Tools editor, however it updates automatically with each change. You can manipulate anything in the CSS with just a few keystrokes and they changes appear in…


CodeMyUI curates Free Code Snippets for Web Projects

CodeMyUI is an interesting project that catalogs open source code snippets from around the web. Its primary focus is on frontend code that often pushes the boundaries of modern web development. HTML/CSS/JS code is now capable of doing lots of neat stuff. But not everyone wants to build sample components or UI effects from scratch….


Material Design UI Colors Palette Webapp

If you work with Google’s material design then you know all about this popular design language. It has suggestions for animations, styles, and various color choices. Well a new app named Material UI Colors offers a free color generator that follows in-line with Google’s desires. Anyone can use this app to generate colors that match…


Free UX Design E-book written by UX Specialist Tal Florentin

The designer & developer Tal Florentin has been working in the web for over 18 years. He has about two decades worth of experience and is prominently known as the author of the UX Hero comic series. Recently he put out a free e-book titled You’re Designing It All Wrong!. It’s meant to be a…


Bitfountain teaches iOS Development by Building Real Applications

Folks who want to get into programming iOS apps often start with the basics of C/C++ and move onto Objective-C. This delves into the Cocoa programming library for building any type of Apple program. Another route is Swift which offers a similar programming environment for mobile developers. The only issue is finding the time to…


Laracasts hosts the best Laravel PHP Screencasts

PHP developers already know the tremendous hurdle it takes to get into writing code. Beginners who only understand HTML/CSS will have an uphill battle – yet somewhere along the way it all starts to “click” and the process becomes so much more enjoyable. But how do you deal with that initial hike up the mountain?…


Jobscribe collects Remote Job offers from Tech Startups

The tech world moves fast and it’s common for people to switch roles and jump ship to another company. This often comes with a pay raise, but more importantly it comes with experience. If you’re not well-connected then it can be tough to leverage job offers. So aside from online job boards, where else can…

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