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A YouTube Channel full of Interviews with Developers

A somewhat recent post on Reddit encouraged me to delve into a fascinating YouTube channel full of great advice from professional developers. The channel is named Christophe Limpalair and it contains over 35+ different interviews with some big name developers working at large companies. If you’re looking for inspiration or just some cool talks to…


Watch YouTube while you Browse the Web

Have you ever wanted to browse the Internet while simultaneously enjoying a certain video? Granted some people may want this for pure entertainment, but developers and designers could use a feature like this to study tutorials or watch talks online. A new Google Chrome extension Sideplayer offers this functionality for completely free. You can install…


The Web Designer’s Guide to Slimming your Site

There are many ways to minify the size of a website. First is to obviously minify the files themselves. Then comes database consolidation/clean-up, JS request minimaization, image optimization, etc. These techniques have been studied for decades by industry experts like Steve Souders and they are easily repeatable if you take the time to learn. A…


Fight Against Shady UIs with Dark Patterns

How many times have you landed on a form where the “opt-in” checkbox was already checked? Well that’s recently been termed a dark UI pattern and it’s heavily discouraged among the UI/UX community. The website Dark Patterns fights against this kind of stuff by educating designers, developers, and users what to look for. Here’s a…

00-devmag-logo is a Social Network for Developers & Programmers

Facebook has turned into the largest social network to day & supports profiles from all around the world. But other smaller networks have popped up over time with a specific focus on niche areas of interest. A new product named is trying to change the way developers communicate. The site is completely free to…


An Organized List of Dev Conferences from Around the World

We’re constantly writing about the latest design/dev conferences because they’ve grown into such a powerhouse industry unto themselves. There’s always something to learn at one of these conferences, but not everyone is able to make it. Some people don’t even know where to find them! A brand new webapp named Dev Conferences features a complete…


Clubble bridges the gap between Slack Channels and E-mails

Although currently still in beta, Clubble is a very handy tool for teams that use Slack to get work done. Creative work often requires direct communication with clients and this means sharing new ideas/drafts frequently. The tough part is finding a way to keep clients in the loop while passing the right drafts their way….

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