July 15, 2024

RightFont for OS X helps Designers Quickly manage Fonts

A brand new app for Mac users offers a powerful method of organizing typefaces. RightFont is a powerful application that can run standalone, or integrate directly with Sketch or Adobe CS/CC programs.

The idea of RightFont is to offer a visual method of font organization. You can quickly browse through all installed fonts to see how they look at all available weights.

You can also setup unique “font lists” that contain individual fonts managed at your convenience. This might be a list of Typekit-specific fonts, or it might be a list of fonts that work really well in paragraph text blocks. You’re allowed to setup any lists with as many fonts as necessary.

RightFont OS X landing page

RightFont also connects into Adobe software and Bohemian Coding’s Sketch for a smoother workflow. By selecting a type layer and opening RightFont you can double-click any font family to instantly update the layer. Font lists are displayed with clear previews so you shouldn’t need much help previewing a font before appending it onto a document.

To learn more check out RightFont’s website and browse through the list of features. It seems the developers really went all-out to integrate RightFont into as many creative applications as possible.

Creative agencies or design teams will get a discount when ordering multiple licenses, but even the single license price at $29 is a very reasonable deal.

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