July 14, 2024

Shopify Has A New WordPress Plugin

Shopify, the hosted eCommerce solution, have recently released their first ever official WordPress plugin. This plugin lets you integrate Shopify’s abilities in your WordPress website directly, and sell via Shopify thereafter. 

To quote the official blog post:

To make setting up an online store on WordPress simple, we’re introducing our new Shopify Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress, for free. Our new plugin allows you to add products to any of your pages or blog posts without leaving WordPress.

As usual, you’ll still manage all of your pages and posts in WordPress, but you’ll have Shopify to manage everything else: payments, secure checkout, shipping and fulfillment, inventory, and taxes—all the hard things about selling online.


The new plugin is available in the official WordPress repository, and you can download it from here. Note that even though the plugin is free, you will still need a premium account with Shopify to use it.

Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, developer, and coffee-lover. He has authored several books and writes for various publications. You can learn more about his work at his website.


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