July 13, 2024

Stuurmen Fight Against Mediocre Design (AOTW#5)

Stuurmen fight the war many designers and design agencies wouldn’t,

to show the real face of modern design. 


If you are visiting us for the first time, you are probably wondering what’s with all those letters at the end of this article’s title. They stand for “Agency of the Week,” one of our more recent article series. In an attempt to promote the best design agencies out there, we surf the web painstakingly. There are a few factors that make us choose the agencies we feature on here:

  • website design – you cannot expect clients if your website looks like a mess; the website is a designer’s virtual business card;
  • portfolio – a rich portfolio should always be a go-to when you are looking to hire a design agency;
  • good reviews – some design agencies allow their customers to express their opinion about their services directly on their blog and the new customers love that;
  • personal motto – nothing recommends an agency or even an independent designer better than their reasons for doing the job they do. Here’s where Stuurmen manages to make it to the tops.

For those who don’t know, “stur” is a informal word describing something that’s different, unusual, or weird. You need all of these and a little bit of craziness when you are a designer trying to become notorious. The design agency Stuurmen specializes in branding and they are amazing at it. Stuurmen gives voice to their website and convince people to navigate their website via two means: interactive elements and out-spoken messages.

Branding is like a battlefield with inadequately-armed soldiers: mediocrity rules. Can you succeed if you only have the basic equipment? No way, Jose. Only when you know who you are can you become whatever you want.

Why do we, at Webdesginledger, love Stuurmen agency so much? Because they are fun, they are creative, their work sets the bar high for branding. Stuurmen care for their clients’ opinions and desires, managing to satisfy them and create an indite design at the same time.

Before we go ahead and admire some of the agency’s important projects and works, let’s take a glance at their amazing website design:


Work hard, work hard. For us, work feels like play. Ambition bounces off the walls, every day again. With unbridled energy we set the bar high, and if possible, a little higher.

Stuurmen’s projects:

Akson – Branding — Digital




Wildenberg Ynformal

Stuurmen agency

Bagels & Beans


Van Heesch & Hosselet

Stuurmen Agency


Stuurmen strips companies down and exposes the DNA right down to the hair follicles. We turn burning ambition into brand strategy and arm you with digital awesomeness. Kill off the average – mediocrity is way too boring. 🙌🏻🔥

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