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Drupal is Now 15 Years Old

Drupal, the world’s second most popular Content Management System, recently completed 15 years of active development. The first version of Drupal was released back in January 2000, and as such, it has completed over a decade and a half of development, and still continues to grow strong. 

2015 – The Awkward Year For Drupal

It’s been a long roller coaster ride for Drupal this year. It all started with one of the biggest security breaches in open source history, where millions of websites were compromised. Then, there was the rumored poor performance of DrupalCons. Cap this with the repeated postponement of Drupal 8 release and, on the outside, it…

Free Tutorials by Level Up for Web Designers & Developers

This is the perfect time to learn how to design or build websites. Anyone can start from a complete novice and become self-educated based solely on the dozens of free resources online. Level Up Tutorials is one of these resources. It’s a website made to catalog the best video tutorials teaching how to write code…

Real-Time Server Monitoring with PatrolServer

Often times problems with your server environment can occur from a lack of security updates. These exploits allow hackers to force their way into part of your server whether it’s a database setup, CMS dashboard, or raw access to server files. A new webapp PatrolServer is meant to change all that. It’s a real-time monitoring…

Jonathan Torke Shares his Journey of becoming a WordPress Developer

The vast significance and impring that WordPress has left on the design community is practically incalculable. It’s one of the most popular open source CMS engines for building any website from a simple blog to a business with e-commerce capabilities. Jonathan Torke is a professional web designer & developer who recently broke out into launching…

DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona from September 21st-25th

Each year at 3 different locations DrupalCon rocks the house with talks, workshops, and some awesome community gatherings. Drupal users can learn a lot by attending these conferences with the hope of meeting great people and learning about new features, plugins, etc. This year’s European event will be held in Barcelona, Spain from September 21st-25th….

Frontend to Backend: Tips & Tools for Learning Web Development

UI design is a relatively straightforward skillset compared to development. If you know how to make textures and style typography then you can do it for websites, mobile apps, even software. But development is a different subject broken down into many unique areas of study. Web development in particular is quite large but also rewarding…

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