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6 Not-so-Typical ways to Make your First E-Commerce Sale (Infographic)

A lot of brand new eCommerce owners are struggling to make their first sale. It’s not uncommon, but it’s also nothing to have looming over your incipient business. The number one question I get on a daily basis is: “I started a new company but no orders are coming in. What should I do?” I…

Illustrated History of Mac OS X Versions

Apple fans who can remember the early days will certainly love this illustrated look back over history. The Tower app for Git published a new blog post covering an illustrated history of the Mac OS X operating system. You can view the post here and scroll to see each illustration. It’s a single-page design starting…

Infographic Covering the latest Magento 2.0 Updates

A Magento Solution Partner named Forix just recently published an incredible infographic on the changes of Magento 2.0. This infographic is visually appealing but also highly educational. It covers the new user experience, product/form creation, and of course new backend features for Magento developers. One of the Forix guys allowed us to republish the infographic…

YouTube Bids Farewell to 301+ View Counting

YouTube has changed the way its video view counter works by abandoning the old 301+ maximum. Up to now the counter has worked on what YouTube calls its 301+ protocol. Basically, the process works as follows:

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